12 days street- and enduro-tour

12-days street/enduromixture-tour to to the very beautiful mountainareas of the culture-city “Nan”.

On the way to “Nan”-city/Nan-area- and back to our resort - we pass/visit following places and areas:

“Phu Rua" city - “Phu Suan Sai" nationalpark - “Phu Soi Dao" nationalpark - “Si Nan" nationalpark - “Sao Din Na No" rock-area - "Nan" city - “Phu Ka" mountain and nationalpark - “Bo Kluea" village - “Doi Phu Wae" mountain - “Phrae" city - “Sirikit" lake and “Lum Num Nan" nationalpark - “Sakyia" forestpark - “Klong Tron" waterfall and nationalpark.

Please see our pictures about all citys, places and areas of interest we will visit/pass on this tour in “Gallery

And the descriptions of all you can see in "places and areas of interest"

On this tour to “Nan”-city we ride from our resort mostly on amazing little mountainstreets. And in “Nan”-area and on the way back to “Phu Rua” offroadtracks too (if you like).

To “Nan”-city we ride 340 km through most beautiful jungle-, nature- and mountainareas. On this way, always very near the natural Laosborder and without traffic, we will have a lot of viewpoints. And of course a lot of fun by riding.

You see the real Thailand. Without the big foreigner-tourism of other northern areas. We have very low till no traffic till “Nan” city ! And after again !

In “Nan”-area we go offroadtracks to hilltribevillages. High up in the mountains. They are located at the natural mountainpeak-borders to Laos. Sometimes we do not know we already are in Laos or still in Thailand. Nobody knows. But do not be afraid – everything between Laos and Thailand is friendship !


Day 1:

Arrival day. We pick you up at the airport Loei, or at the bus stations Loei or Phu Rua.

You can enjoy our resort and natureparadise “Ban Aloi“. Or you go swimming…..or what you like. On evening we will serve your dinner at the campfire in our beautiful garden.

Day 2:

We go with you an enduro- or street-trip - or both (how you like). We like to show you our beautiful area. And you can get the first feeling for your endurobike. On evening we serve your dinner again in our garden with campfire.

Day 3:

We start our tour. We go direction north and always near the natural mountainjungle-border to Laos.

We pass “Na Haeo” city and his nationalpark “Phu Suan Sai”. And the nationalparks “Phu Soi Dao” and “Si Nan”. After "Sao Din Na No” rock-area……..and so on. We pass a lot of little villages……they never saw/see “farangs” (foreigners).

We arrive late afternoon in “Nan” city. There we check in in our bungalows, take a shower and have our dinner at one of the “Nan" river-restaurants…….or somewhere else.….how you like…. After – if you are not too tired - we enjoy the nightlife of Nan.

Day 4:

After the long trip to "Nan", we go in "Nan"-area first little trips to see for example:

- very nice temples

- beautiful areas

- we visit the “Mlabri"-village (tribes) and go back offroad to Nan…….And enjoy our second evening in this very nice city.

The center of "Nan" offers us many very beautiful temple-areas, nice parks and a lot of good restaurants.

The wellknown and spectacular “Boot-race-festival of Nan”, with very beautiful and very long “longtailboats”, and with a lot of oarsmen on every boat, is celebrated on the Nanriver in rainyseason !

If we are not there this time - a lot of ather festival days are during the whole year.

Day 5:

we leave "Nan" in the morning after breakfast, and ride a very amazing little mountainstreet high up to “Phu Ka”-mountain and nationalpark (over 2000m high). “Phu Ka” is a very high mountainarea, with a lot of original, large and very beautiful jungle-areas.

For your understanding about the height we ride up from valleys to the mountainpeaks in Thailand:

all valleys in Thailand are located on a height of only 300m till 400m (over sealevel). So when we ride up to “Phu Ka” we have to ride up a height of nearly 1.700m!

We have amazing mountainstreets and wild and very beautiful sceneries. We have a lot of stops for picture-shooting, coffee and food. You see endless jungles and very big and green mountains till the peaks! Everywhere ! Through this area we ride mostly on very little streets.

And on a new and very wide “Highway” without any traffic !! Which leads us over this high mountainranges! Unbelievable!

This new highway is only for us ! We can go racing without any risk!

After we reach the highest point of the “Phu Ka”-street, we enjoy the fantastic views to the surrounded mountain-ranges. And to the mountain-ranges of Laos too.

After we ride down to “Bo Kluea”-village (means “saltwater-spring”). Again on an amazing mountainstreets. We arrive in “Bo Kluea” in afternoon. There we have our campfireparty and our tents or bungalows on a very nice located campground of a friend of me. Beside a river.

Day 6:

We ride little streets and offroad-trips to hilltribevillages high up in the mountains. And through amazing mountainareas. Always very near the naturalborder to Laos. And arrive back to “Bo Kluea” on evening for our second campfireparty.

Day 7:

We leave "Bo Kluea" after breakfast. And ride direction north through beautiful and wild areas near the Laos-mountainborder. We ride till “Pua” city. Near "Phu" we will stay the night in a nice “jungleresort”.

Day 8:

After breakfast we ride again high up to the mountains. On nice little streets and on a amazing offroad-track. Again we have fantastic views. We try to reach the wellknown and beautiful mountain “Doi Phu Wae”. The last way to reach “Doi Phu Wae” is an offroadtrack which get harder and harder ……..we will see what is possible for us……but we cannot defeat this steep mountain with our bikes. Only by foot.

On this trip we pass again many high mountains and many little tribevillages. And again we have a lot of viewpoints with fantastic sceneries.

On evening we arrive back to our resort in “Pua”.

Day 9:

We leave “Pua” after breakfast, pass “Nan” city and ride on streets direction south till “Na Noi” city. There we have our lunch. After we go high again on a very nice little mountainstreet till we reach the peaks of this mountains. The street now gets more and more little, and some parts change to offroadtracks ….

Again we have amazing sceneries. On evening we reach “Phrae” city. In "Phrae" we check in in our hotel (maybe with nice swimmingpool).

After dinner we enjoy the nightlife of "Phrae".

Day 10:

This day we ride nice little streets in east of “Phrae”. We enjoy the beautiful waterfall-areas there. And beautiful temples and view-points on the way. After we have our second night in “Phrae”. With a little nightlife of course!

Day 11:

After breakfast we leave” Phrae” to direction east. And pass a very beautiful and very green mountainvalley. With great waterfalls and beautiful temple-areas. We ride an amazing little mountainstreet high and higher – till this street ends in the jungle.

But we go ahead on a little offroadway into the jungle. We ride through deep jungle - down and high - curve for curve – pass very poor and silent hilltribevillages – and never we see people. Sure you feel “like at the end of the world”. But sure you enjoy very much this amazing mountainjungle ride.

After we reach the highest point of this mountainranges we get a fantastic view to the very large “Sirikit”-lake. Down in valley.

We ride down through the jungle till we reach the lake. Our lunch we have at a restaurant on the dam with "lake and mountain-view".

If we still have the time and the power to ride, we visit “Sakyia" forestpark”. Not so far from the lake. "Sakyia" present us “the biggest rubbertree of the world”. And a beauitful forest-area of course.

The night we stay at "Sirikit"-dam-area in bungalows.

Day 12:

We will leave “Sirikit”-lake after breakfast and ride direction south-east to “Phu Soi Dao” nationalpark.

We pass the street to “Klong Tron” waterfall and nationalpark. A very beautiful mountainarea too. We visit his beautiful mountainwaterfall. After we have our lunch in “Phu Soi Dao” nationalpark. And after the last coffee there we ride back to “Phu Rua” and our resort. Always through beautiful and very silent areas and on amazing bikestreets. Maybe on offroadtracks too – if we have enough time.

We reach “Phu Rua” and our resort on evening. Your dinner we serve at the campfire in our garden.

Or we will take you to the busstations of "Phu Rua" or "Loei". Or to the "Loei" airport. If you like to leave this evening.

Costs: Euro 2.250,--

We organize your accommodations at all destinations of the tour. Also we care about technical and other problems which can happen. So our guests must not care about everything. With us you are with friends.


- 11 nights accommodation on twin-share base and breakfast.

- Endurobike

- Gasoline & lubricants

- Transfer by accident and/or damaged bike

- Transfers/pick-up-service from the busstations “Phu Rua” or “Loei” and back. Or from airport “Loei” and back.

Euro 20,- Single supplement per day "on tour" during high season (november till february).

Euro 15,- Single supplement per day "on tour" during low season (march till october).

Euro 10,- Single supplement per day at our resort all around the year.       


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08.02.2021 - 19.02.2021

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29.11.2021 - 10.12.2021

27.12.2021 - 07.01.2022

24.01.2022 - 04.02.2022

21.02.2022 - 04.03.2022

This tour we ride during the whole year. So special dates during the whole year are possible. Special dates during highseason too. Please tell us your favourite date. We will answer you fast as possible.



Euro 190,- per rider/day


- Accommodation on twin-share base and breakfast at our resort.

- Endurobike & gasoline

- Trainer on own bike

Euro 10,-  Single supplement/day


If you like to see more pictures about this tour, and the places and areas we visit during this tour, please click on "Gallery"