3 days to “Phu Kradueng”

“Phu Kradueng” mountain and nationalpark.

This trip needs minimum 3 days !!

To the “Phu Kradueng” mountain and -nationalpark we have a 100km-drive from our resort.

This area borders with the nationalparkareas of “Nam Nao” and “Phu Pha Man”. And with the “Hin Pha Ngam” rockgardenarea.

The very steep “Phu Kradueng” mountain offers us a lot of very nice cliffs on his top. With fantastic views to the surrounded valleys and jungleareas! The best climate of Thailand and so very pleasant. And with a little luck very beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


Everywhere in this nationalpark, and even on the top of “Phu Kradueng”-mountain, is a lot of wildlife. Like elephants, tigers, monkees,

buffalows and so on….

This very steep mountain, and the animals they are living there on the mountain and in the jungles around, are with a little care really not dangerous !! Rangers will care and guide you of course ! You are safe! 

“Phu Kradueng”-mountain  is  “The highlight of Thailand”! 

Nowhere in Thailand you can find a comparable mountain! Maybe not in the whole world. Every thai is very proud if he had defeated  “Phu Kradueng”-mountain ! Sure - you never will forget this amazing trip and adventure!

But you must be a little sportive! “Phu Kradueng”-mountain is on some parts of the way very steep. But with a little care never dangerous.

At all very steep parts are wide metal staircases with banisters. So do not be afraid! And we will take all the day to go high. So we will start

very early. Sportive people can do the trip high in only 3 hours. And a lot of older people too reach every day the top of Phu Kradueng.

On the top are many restaurants, very large campgrounds and a lot of houses for the nights.

During the night in the camp you often will hear the noise of the wildlife in the surrounded jungle. It is amazing !! On day you will see the

foodprints of “chang” (elephants) and other animals. You will do a lot of walks and enjoy from endless cliffs the amazing views. And the

beautiful waterfall-jungle-areas during very interesting jungle-trips. And with a little luck you will see from a viewpoint-cliff wild elephants or

other bigger animals in the jungles of the deep located areas around this steep mountain.

Day No.1:

we start very early, or better the afternoon before, to go with our pick-up-car from our resort to the “Phu Kradueng”-village. If we go the afternoon before we will take a bungalow there. So next morning we are able to start our trip high very early. We give our luggage for the transport to the carrying-office. If you like to carry it yourself - up to you. But the costs for the carriers are very cheap. And “Phu Kradueng” is really a little hard!

Sure - never in your life before, you saw men and ladies too, they are working so hard like this carriers! Only one of them will carry up our

whole luggage and a lot of more heavy things. Over often very steep tracks and steep metal-staircases. A very hard job !! But they like this

job ! Because so they get, for Thailand-proportion, a very good money ! They was protesting very strong some years ago, when the

government planed to built a rope-railway for the transportation.

There is a lot to carry !! The tourist-luggages and many other things like drinks and food the thousands of tourists and the ranger-families

on the top need every day. The government canceled his plan about a rope-railway. For supporting his people.


“Phu Kradueng” is really a little hard even without luggage! It depends too to the weather – hot or not so hot when we start in the morning. It is the best to start early as possible!

On “Phu Kradueng” the weather is very pleasing and never hot. But the nights during December and January are cool till very cool. But we will get there everything we need. 

We go high from 300m (over sealevel) to over 1.300m through forest, jungle and bamboo-jungle. We have a lot of very beautiful views on the way. We pass some “jungle-restaurants” with very funny hostesses. Sure you will have a lot of fun on the way high at this amazing restaurants!   

Some parts of the way high are very steep. So rest-times at this restaurants are really necessary. We have the time – and sure you will defeat “Phu Kradueng” !!

After we reach the top we have to walk 3 km to the ranger-camp. You will be surprised because the area where we reach the top of “Phu Kradueng” is nearly flat. But you will be happy about after you gone a so steep way high.

And after we reach the camp you sure are tired - but sure happy too ! We look for our tents or house for the night. Take a cool shower and

enjoy the last hours of this amazing day on a restaurant or somewhere else…….

Day No.2:

we stand up very early when still is night. We walk in groups, protected from the rangers, about ½ hour through the dark forest. Till we reach

the cliff for the sunrise-watch. At this cliff the rangers offers hot coffee and snacks. Everybody prepares his camera and wait the sun is rising

up !! And with a little luck you can enjoy an amazing sunrise over a very beautiful mountain-valley. A great scenery !

After, the darkness is gone and the sun gives you warmth, we will walk without a ranger back to the camp and have our breakfast.

After breakfast we do a jungletrip to the waterfalls. Yes - waterfalls on the top of a mountain !! Amazing! 

You will see deepgreen and beautiful jungles, a jungle-temple and a lot of cliffs with fantastic views. And so on…..let us surprise you! 

Day No. 3:

If you like to stay 2 days on “Phu Kradueng” - it is o.k. - but we must charge 130,- Euros more per person.   

If you like to leave - we will start after breakfast to go down the same way we came high. After we reach on afternoon the valley we have more possibilities: 


we can go inside the nationalpark-jungle around “Phu Kradueng”-mountain with the same entrance-ticket. There we will see a

lot of elephant-footprints and maybe elephants too. And the 80m high and beautiful “Tat Hong” waterfall. In the jungle we can hear and see

a lot of birds and insects. Sometimes they are making a lot of noise. Then it is difficult we understand each other. Maybe we will see some animals too…..

We will have a rest at a little jungle-restaurant. On some days and nights the owner-lady of this “jungle-restaurant” has “Chang”-visitors”. “Changs” are elephants. Wild elephants. 

2. possibility:

after we reach the valley we go back to our resort in “Phu Rua”. Or we visit Phu Pha Man”-nationalpark which borders with “Phu Kradueng”- nationalpark. “Phu Pha Man” nationalpark.  “Phu Hoo” the amazing “towermountain” is very near too. Also “Hin Pha Ngam”-Rockgarden-area. “Nam Nao”-Nationalpark too is a “neighbour nationalpark” from “Phu Kradueng”-nationalpark. To the “Phu Wiang”-nationalpark it is from “Phu Kradueng”-nationalpark only a 80km-drive.

Every nationalpark offers nice campgrounds and/or bungalows and restaurants.

Please see the descriptions of all this beautiful areas in “Places and areas of interest”     And the pictures in “Gallery

You can see - you can enjoy amazing tours…..around our resort……and more far away too. For many weeks amazing holidays!

You are welcome! 

Costs for a 3 days “Phu Kradueng”-tour 

Euro 390,- per person

We organize your transport to "Phu Kradueng" and back. And your accommodations on "Phu Kradueng". And we care every problem which  can happen.

Includes:  - 1 night accommodation with breakfast at or resort on twin share base.   

                - entrance-ticket and 2 nights accommodation including breakfast on "Phu Kradueng".

                - transport-service to "Phu Kradueng" - and back.

                - rangerguide on "Phu Kradueng" mountain. 

                - transferservice from the busterminals of Phu Rua and Loei - and back. Or from the airport Loei - and back.   

Euro 10,- per day for single supplement at our resort.

On Phu Kradueng you will sleep in tents or in bigger houses. How you like.....   


This great adventure- and wandertour is possible only during Dry Season (middle of october till end of april).         

If you like to see more pictures about “Phu Kradueng-mountain and -nationalpark" please click on “Gallery”