1 day trip to "Phu Luang"

1 day trip to “Phu Luang“ mountain and wildlife-preserve-area

“Phu Luang” means “King Mountain”.

This mountainjungle-area is very large with 850 squarekilometers.

Here are living in original-jungle, free and without any fences, more hundreds of wild elephants, a lot of bears, monkeys, wulfs, wild porks, some tigers …..and other animals.


Our resort is located at the entrance to this mountain-area. We will drive you with our pick-up-car from our resort about 18 km up to the top of “Phu Luang” Mountain. This way is very beautiful through an original and beautiful jungle. Till we reach the top. “Phu Luang”-Mountain is about 40km long and has a height of 1.650m (over sealevel).

During drive up, you can see already the first footprints, excrements and the jungle-tracks of the wild “Changs” (elephants). On the way we will visit the first rangerstation. Located at a little lake. Here you can see a lot of pictures and prepared animals and snakes. Which are living in the jungles of  “Phu Luang”. This rangerstation have a nice orchid-garden. On the lake beside in the night elephants and other animals come for taking water. On the top of “Phu Luang” we reach the next rangerstation. There is a restaurant and some houses for the Visitors. They like to stay over night. Not far from the rangerstation are very steep cliffs with fantastic views. And the Palace of the Princess (King-family). Everywhere there you will see beautiful flowerfields and a lot of wild orchids.

A ranger will be your guide there and walk with you about 3 km through jungle and an “open area” to the viewpoint-cliffs. On the way you can see again a lot of footprints of elephants, wild porks and other animals. But do not be afraid - the footprints are older and from the rainyseason.

From the cliffs you have fantastic views to the surrounded valleys of this very steep mountain.

After the cliffs you will walk a little more to a place where you can see the footprints in stone of raptors (dinosaurus). Afteryou go the same way back you came before. Or if you like - you can go with the ranger another jungletrack back till you reach the street. Which you came to this mouintain. And walk high to the rangerstation on this street. Or your guide will call the station to pick you up with car.


Do not be afraid about the big animals. You will walk this ways only when it is safe. The rangers knows where the big animals are. So never there was an accident with animals. 

“Phu Luang” mountain is open for tourists from middle of October till end of April. So only in dryseason. Because on the top, where are the walkingways for tourists, in dryseason is no water and the big animals so move during this time down in the jungleareas where are lakes. So in dryseason it is safe for visitors on the top.

With a little luck you can see from a cliff elephants deep below in the jungle. And monkeys they are jumping there from tree to tree.

During March and April (the hot summertime) the plants, trees and flowers there are blooming so beautiful ! And, I said before, “Phu Luang” have a lot of wild and very beautiful orchids too.

It is possible to stay there on the top in a touristbungalow. Or on a lower area on another rangerstation. With tents on a nice campground.   

Please see our pictures about “Phu Luang” in “Gallery”


Euro 85,- if we have only one guest for this trip.   

Euro 60,- per person - if we have two guests or more for this trip.


- Accommodation and breakfast on twin share base at our resort.

- Car-service to “Phu Luang” and back.

- Guides on “Phu Luang”.

- Transfers/pick-up service from the busstations “Phu Rua” or “Loei” and back. Or from airport “Loei” and back.

Your entrance-ticket for "Phu Luang" mountain of about 6 Euros is not included.

Euro 10,- Single supplement per day   


This trip is possible every day. But only during dry season (middle or end of October till middle or end of April).

In rainy-season (May till October) “Phu Luang” is closed for tourists.

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