rent an enduro-bike

Rent an endurobike.

We recommend to book your bike before you arrive. In this case we need 100 euros instalment for reserve your bike.


Our bikes:   Hondas CRF 250 L   Model 2013

                   Kawasakis KLX 250   Model 2014

             !! All modified to 300ccm with full power !! Pro Taper handlebars, baggage holder....and more.....


Euro 50,- per day. For a 300 ccm endurobike for offroad- and/or street use. In best condition and without km-limit.

Euro   7,- per day. For a 125ccm streetbike (scooter). Without km-limit.


If you like to stay at our beautiful resort we charge Euro 23,-/per day for accommodation including breakfast.

And for 2 person with double share of the accommodation 28,- Euros. In this case 2 breakfasts are including.


Of course we offer at our resort also lunch, dinner, coffee, cappucchino, cakes, snaks, drinks and so on….

You can choose from the "menu-map". We offer a deliceous thai- and europe-kitchen.

Please note:

if you like to go alone with our rented bike, we must ask for a security-deposit of the worth of the bike. And so for your passport and money. Or only money.

Of course all of our bikes have the basic insurance. But if you have an accident and it is your fault, or you damage the bike, or the bike will be 

stolen on your trip, we must ask the full money from you. Because the thai insurances does not cover damages from you or a stolen bike. 

We recommend to ask your own insurance company or any traveloffice in your country for this case. They all offer insurances for rented bikes and accidents on holiday travels for low money.