14 days-tour to and through Laos

14-days enduro/streetmixture-tour to and through Laos - and back.

Our trip leads us through the most beautiful provinces of Laos.The “Luang Prabang”– “Xieng Khouang”– and “Vientiane”- provinces.

Luang Prabang”-city and -area is UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

Xieng Khouang” province is nominated to UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. You will see there thousands of prehistioric stone-jars.

Xieng Khouang” province is “The mountain-area of Laos”. With the 5 highest mountains of Laos. Till 2.800m high.

Vientiane" is the capitol-city of Laos. Surrounded from beautiful nature. And the very large and nice “Nam Ngum” lake and dam is very near.

Everywhere on our way you will see a very beautiful nature, a lot of caves, great lakes, waterfalls, hotsprings, beautiful temples, large jungles, amazing green and high mountains and hilltribevillages with very interesting culture and lifestyle. And everywhere we will meet only nice and friendly Laospeople.

We will go a lot of dirtroads. From our resort till Luang Prabang (450km) about 80% on dirtroads.

We ride this trip only from November till end of February! Because during this time the weather sure is the best for traveling far away. No rain and not hot!

During this time (wintertime) Laos have following festivaldays which are very worth to see:

- December or January : “Hmong” New Year. The most colourful festival. It lasts about 10 days.

- Late December:            “Khmu” New Year.

                                        “Hmong and “Khmu” are two ethnic groups of Laos. Laos have more than 60 different ethnic groups (tribes) !

                                         So Laos  have much more tribes than all other southeast-asia-countrys.

- January/February:         “Kud Chin” & “Tet Viet” New Year (Chinese & Vietnamese New Year).

                                         This festival lasts about 3 days.

Today Laos outside his citys is like Thailand 100 years ago. And so still very original and with a very interesting culture. Many villages till this time have no electricity.

Laos is safe like Thailand for visitors ! Sure you will enjoy our trip! And sure you will fall in love with Laos and his people !! A lot of the Laospeople are still very poor - but very very friendly !

Our way to and through Laos:

Only 30km from our resort down of our mountains we reach the border-river and the friendshipbridge to Laos. Here we will get our 30-day-visas.

We will ride on the first and second day from the border to "Luang Prabang" city.

After we reach “Luang Prabang” we have some days there. We will enjoy this beautiful city, his places of Interest and the amazing surrounded areas.

After we leave “Luang Prabang”-province, we will ride to the “Xieng Khouang"- province. A high plateauarea. We will stay in the city “Phonsavanh”. The “Xieng Khouang”-plateau offers a very pleasant climate. Because of his height of 1.100m (above sealevel). Our way to “Phonsavanh” is about 300km.

In “Phonsavanh” we are in the center of our next activitys. Around “Phonsavanh” are a lot of sightseeingplaces and the mystery of “PLAIN OF JARS”. Again we have some days there. But we must care too to be back end of the 14 days at our resort in Thailand.

After we leave “Phonsavanh” we will ride south through an amazing nature- and mountain-rea to “Thathom”-city. And from there to direction south to “Vientiane”-city. This way is about 350km.

“Vientiane” is located very near to the border of Thailand. After a nice evening and the night in “Vientiane” we will reach soon the big thaicity “Nong Khai”. We reach “Nong Khai” over the friendship-bridge at Mekong river.

From “Nong Khai” to our resort we have the choise:

No.1: we ride back always beside the Mekong river to “Chiang Khan”-city. And after through a beautiful mountainaera back to Phurua.

No.2: we ride through the “province” back to “Loei”-city and after the mountains high to “Phu Rua” and our resort. On this way we will pass a lot of little thai-villages. Which other tourists never will see.

All the way are little streets through beautiful hillareas till Loei. Both possibilities are about 200km to our resort.

Please see the pictures and more descriptions about this amazing tour in “Gallery


this tour we ride nearly during the whole year. During march and april it is mostly very hot on low located areas. High located areas like “Xieng Khouang” all the year offer a pleasant climate.

If you like to ride this private adventuretour with our teams, please contact us for your favourite date. We will answer you soon as possible.   


A very good time to visit the very beautiful mountaincountry Laos is during the wintertime from november till february. Because of the pleasant climate everywhere on day. No rain but cool in the nights. 

During rainy season from june till october the country is very green and the most beautiful. But often hot on low located areas. All high located areas offer all around the year a pleasant climate. Laos has a lot of high mountainareas.


Euro 3.130,--

We organize your accommodations at every destination of the tour. And we care about technical and other problems which can happen. So our guests must not care about everything. With us you are with friends.


- 13 nights accommodation on twin share base including breakfast.

- Endurobike

- Gasoline & lubricants

- Bikeservice during the trip

- Transfers by accident and/or damaged bike

- Transfers/pick-up service from the busstations “Phu Rua” or “Loei” and back. Or from the airport “Loei” and back.

- Visa for Laos

- Tax

Euro 20,-  Single supplement per day "on tour" during high season (november till february).

Euro 15,-  Single supplement per day "on tour" during low season (march till oktober)   

Euro 10,-  Single supplement per day at our resort all around the year.       

If you like to see more informations and pictures about this adventuretour please click on "Gallery"