14 days tour through the tropical south of Thailand

14-days street/enduromixture-tour through the TROPICAL SOUTH of THAILAND.

Our 14-daystour through the very exotic and tropical south of thailand leads us to very large nationalparkareas with a lot of wildlife. To many paradise beaches, to deep jungles and rainforests, to tropical mountains, to paradise-islands and to many sightseeingplaces. And so through a wonderful and tropical nature.....

If you like to choose our private teams for this tropical tour - you are welcome. We will give you every day all informations about all highlights which are possible to reach during this tour. So mostly our guests can decide which places they like to see and to explore. Of course all of them will not be possible.

And of course we always will take the time for very relaxing hours under the palms of the paradisebeaches.     

On the first day of our tour, we will pick you up with our pickup-cars at your hotel in bangkok or at the international airport in Bangkok. And start our trip to our first accommodations in the south of Thailand. They can be directly at the “gulf of thailand” or in the biggest nationalparkarea of thailand - “Kaeng Krachan Nationalpark”.

And on the last day of our tour, we will take you back to bangkok or to another destination of your wish in our tourarea.

During our tour through the very large south of Thailand we will subdue the big mainstreets to our maindestinations as desired with our pickup-cars. Our bikes we take with us on our cars. At our maindestinations of course we will go day- and more daytrips only with our bikes. For the nationalpark areas with a lot of wild animals like elephants, tigers, buffalos and so on…of course we must take our pick-ups. This is the law and save too....


During this very exotic tour, which is possible to extend, a selection of following highlights are possible:


“Kaeng Krachan” nationalpark with his very large and very beautiful sea at the natural jungle-mountain-border to Myanmar(Birma).

     He offer us a wonderful mountainarea with a lot of wildlife like elephants, tigers, panthers, buffalows and so on…..And if  you like

     camping in such amazing areas - we are right here !


The wellknown tourist-city at the gulf of Thailand “Hua Hin”. The king of thailand liked it very much for sailing when he was a little

younger than now. “Hua Hin” offer us nice beaches, a lot of sightseeing-places and a lot of nightlife.


The beautiful little tourist-city “Prachuap Khirikhan”, which is located at an amazing and  endless beach with high rocks and a lot of

very beautiful temples. The area around is very interesting, and here is Thailand only 12km wide. Between the gulf and the jungle-

mountain-border to Myanmar. Paradisebeaches with white sand you can see in Thailand everywhere.


The beautiful located “Hat Wanakon Nationalpark”. Direct at the gulf of thailand. With his endless whitesand-beaches and his

islands for diving and snorkeling. His restaurant with beautiful seaview offers us delicious sea- and other thaifood. Amazing waterfall-

nationalpark-areas at the junglemountain-border to Myanmar and nice fishermen-villages are very near.


The city “Ranong” at the Adamansea (indien ocean). She is located direct at the “Menam Kraburi”, like a “sea-arm” which separate

here Thailand and Myanmar. Some beautiful nationalpark-areas and the amazing “Ranong Canyon” are very near and very

interesting. The “Laem Son” nationalpark, located in south of Ranong at the “Adamansea” is very beautiful. And excellent little

motorbikestreets and of course offroadtracks we will have in thailand everywhere.


We will explore in very beautiful and subtropical mountain-areas the nationalparks of “Si Phangnga” and “Khao Sok.


“Klong Phanomnationalpark. Such giant-rocks in subtropical jungle with mysterious caves sure you can find in this world not again. Very beautiful !!


In “Khao Lak”, a worldwellknown wateringplace, we can get again a lot of nightlife. And who it likes - europefood. This beautiful area all over the year is nearly full with foreigner tourists. “Khao Lak” offers us beautiful little rockbays and large sandbeaches.


The wellknown and very exotic touristcity “Phangnga” with her breathtaking and very high rockarea is “The Highlight”! In the whole

world only here you can see such a extreme nature ! And it continues out of the ocean. From “Phangnga” longtailboattrips are offered

to a lot of very interesting islands. Like “James Bond island”, the “seatribe-island” and so on…..We will have amazing views every minute! Never you will forget “Phangnga”.


And if someone want to see the all over the world wellknown “Phuket” tourist paradise. It is not far away from “Phangnga”.


From here we will go to the very large “Khao Luang” nationalpark-area. Between the bigger citys “Surrathani” and “Nakhon Si

Thammarat”. Again we are at the gulf of Thailand. The peak of “Khao Luang” (over 1.800m high) needs more days to reach and

back. Only by food possible. Through deep and endless tropical jungles with amazing views and high waterfalls. The “Khao Luang”

area is surrounded from a lot of another spectacular mountain-areas. A trip you never will forget !

A lot of beautiful waterfall-and mountain-nationalpark-areas are near to “Khao Luang” too.


For the lover of islands we can take the ferry from “Surrathani” to the wellknown island “Kho Samui”. A beautiful island with a lot of

foreigner tourists. From here we can take the next ferry to the more silent island “Kho Pha Ngan”. Very beautiful too – we like it very

much! The ferrys need short time to both islands. 

Our time sure is nearly finished now, although we do not saw all highlights we describe, and so we must start to go back. On our way back from Surrathani to Bangkok we will pass a lot of beautiful beaches. If we still have the time we will go swimming there or have a rest.

During this tour we will drive about 2000km or more with our pick-ups and bikes through amazing landscapes. It depends how often we enjoy the paradise-beaches. Up to us….

If you like to extend this tour, what is possible, so the south of Thailand offers a lot of highlights more. Like the very beautiful areas and islands of “Krabi” and “Trang”. The islands of “Kho Phi Phi”, “Kho Lanta”, “Kho Lipe”, “Kho Tarutao”, “Kho Adang”, “Kho Rawi” …..and so on……

And in the deepest south of Thailand, near the border to Malaisia, are a lot of very beautiful nationalparkareas more…..


With us you can forget for some time the “rush-hour” of the modern life. And get very close with this exotic country and his always smiling and friendly people. You are welcome!



The south of Thailand offer during the whole year a very warm climate. So we ride this amazing tour during the whole year. If you like to ride with our teams this tour, please contact us for your favourite date. We will answer you soon as possible.     


Euro 3.200,-

We organize your accommodations at every destination of the tour. Also we care about technical and other problems which can happen.

So our guests must not care about everything. With us you are with friends.


- Pickup-service from the international airport Bangkok - and back. Or after our tour to the destination of your wish in our tourarea. 

- Transportservice in our pickup-cars on mainstreets for the long distances to the maindestinations of our tour.     

- 13 nights accommondations with breakfast in 2-bed rooms or 2-bed bungalows (twinshare).

- Endurobike Kawasaki KLX 250 / Modell 2014. Modified to 300ccm and open power.

- Gasoline and lubricants.   

- Bikeservice on tour.   

20,-- Euro per day single supplement.       

Not included are entrance-fees for nationalparks, and your part of the costs for ferrys to the islands. But this costs are low.

Offroadtraining:  Euro 229,- per rider/day.   

In this case you should arrive the required days before.


- Accomodation in 2-bed room or 2-bed bungalow (twinshare) including breakfast.                                                   

- endurobike and gasoline                                                                                           

- trainer on own bike.

20,-- Euro/day single supplement 

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