10 days enduro-tour

10-days enduro-, wildlife-, adventure- and sightseeing-tour in our mountainarea.


On this trip you will visit/pass following areas and places:

"Phu Rua" - Phu Rua nationalpark" - "Phu Peak mountain" - "Phu Luang" wildlifepreservearea - "Phu Lom Lo" mountain - "Phu Hin Ronkla" nationalpark - "Phu Tab Boek" mountain - "Khao Kho" mountainarea - “Phu Kud” mountain and wildlifepreservearea - “Phu Suan Sai” nationalpark.   

Please see the descriptions about all this places and areas in "Places and areas of interest"

The pictures of them, and about the accommodations too, you can see in "Gallery"

A lot of all places and areas of interest are possible to reach only on good streets too - for people they like streetbiking.


Day 1:

we will pick you up at the airport or busstation Loei or bus-station Phu Rua. After you can enjoy the rest of the day on our resort. Or you go swimming - or how you like……. On evening we will serve your dinner with campfire in our beautiful garden.

Day 2:

we go a very amazing offroadtrip on the mountains around Phu Rua and our resort. So you can get your first feeling for offroad and for your bike. We have offroad-possibilities everywhere around us! You can choose easy tracks, a little more difficult or more heavy tracks.

Up to you…….. On evening we will enjoy campfire and dinner in our garden.

Day 3:

we start our offroadtrip with destination for the evening on “Phu Hin Ronkla Nationalpark". We will pass many mountains, the jungles of “Phu Luang” Wildlifepreserve-area and of course the jungles of “Phu Hin Ronkla-Nationalpark". In the jungles of “Phu Luang” lives a lot of wild elephants and other animals ……. we hope we will not meet them during we pass their jungle…….(joke!). Never is something happened. They do not like noisy bikes. Our lunch we will have in a very nice “flowerrestaurant” in a valley on the way. After a rest and a cup of Cappuccino we will start to go high the mountains again. We will pass nice forests and jungles and “open-field-areas” with a lot of free cows.

We will reach the peak of “Phu Lom Lo” (means “mountain with a lot of wind”). Here are some campgrounds with amazing views to the surrounded mountainranges and “Phu Tab Boek”- mountain too. You can enjoy a refreshing shower with the clear springwater of this campgrounds. During the summerseason “Phu Lom Lo” presents us the very beautiful blooming of his trees.

After a rest- and photoshooting-time on “Phu Lom Lo” we ride through the jungle of “Phu Hin Ronkla” and reach the headquarter. There on a very beautiful place, surrounded from deep jungles, we will stay 2 nights. We take our bungalows or tents and have dinner in the restaurant. After we enjoy our first jungleevening together at our campfire.

Day 4:

next morning we start our jungle-, cliff-and sightseeing-trip. First by bike and after by foot. We will present you in the jungle the old headquarter of the communistwar (about 40 years ago). And their natural airshelters and trenches. The fighting-areas and amazing cliffs with very beautiful views. There are too very big and very special rocks. You can see such special rocks in Thailand only on “Phu Hin Ronkla”! We will walk through the jungle to many beautiful waterfalls. You will see the old militaryschool of the communists. And a military-museum at the nationalparkheadquarter. If we still have time on this day and still the power - we will go an offroadtrip through the surrounded jungles. And if we have still enough time - maybe for a coffee to “Phu Tab Boek”-mountain. And arrive on evening back to the headquarter of “Phu Hin Ronkla”.

We will have our second night on “Phu Hin Ronkla” with campfire.

Day 5:

we leave “Phu Hin Ronkla” after breakfast. And have to ride about 30 Kilometer on street or offroad (how you like) through the jungles of “Phu Hin Ronkla”. Till we reach “Phu Tab Boek” mountain.

On “Phu Tab Boek” hilltribes lives on a height of 1.800m (over sealevel). They offer for the tourists food in nice located restaurants, rooms, tents and bungalows. On a coffeeshop, located on a very steep cliff with fantastic views, we will have our last coffee. The hilltribes offers too bungalows and tents for tourists . And they are planting a lot of cabbage there.You will have on “Phu Tab Boek” a lot of fantastic views.

On our way to the next destination "Khao Kho" we will ride from a height of 1.800m down to 300m!! On the most amazing mountainstreet in our area!

We can reach our next destination “Khao Kho”-mountainarea on mountainstreets. With a lot of biking-fun and beautiful viewpoints. Or we ride after the half way down offroad high to “Khao Kho”. Very nice too …..how you like…..

The wellknown mountaintourist-valley of “Khao Kho” is located on a height of 1.200m. On “Khao Kho” are a lot of highlights worth to see. The “Khao Kho” area borders with the nationalparks of “Khao Kho” an “Thung Saleng Luang”. “Thung Saleng Luang”-Nationalpark is home of many wild elephants, tigers, buffalos, baers, wulfs and others ….You can enjoy there great waterfalls and caves. And of course the wildlife and a very beautful nature.“Khao Kho” presents us nice waterfalls too. And more than one hundred of beautiful resorts. We will stay in “Raichanram”-Resort on “Khao Kho”. This beautiful resort is located on a hill and offers us beautiful views to the surrounded areas. We will sleep there in tents on a little hillcampground. Or we stay in bunglows - how you like……. On evening, after dinner on the restaurant-viewpoint-terrace we will have our campfire on the campground-hill……..if you like….

Day 6:

we will enjoy with our bikes the highlights of “Khao Kho”:

- the “White Pagoda”.

- the Remember Monument of the communist-war with fighting-area.

- the King-Palace on a beautiful mountain.

- a nice waterfall in the jungle.


After the waterfall we will ride nice little mountainstreets and offroad too to one of the most beautiful temples of Thailand.

Very nice located on a hill in front of the high “Khao Kho”-Mountain. A really wonderful scenery!

After we ride back to our resort. There we will stay our second night.

Day 7:

on this day we will ride amazing offroadtracks. Through mountainforest up to the very high and very steep cliff "Pha Tad", where we get a breathtaking view over the large Khao Kho montainvalley with his beautiful temple area, the mountainlake and more....

After this adventure we will ride up through the jungle to Phu Hun Ronkla and Phu Tub Berk. Again we get amazing views to the surrounded mountainworld. Late afternoon we ride back to Kho Kho on the beautiful streetpasses to be able to reach our resort on day.....

Day 8

we leave “Khao Kho” and ride on amazing mountainstreets beside “Khao Kho” mountain and the “Phu Hin Ronkla” cliffs. After we go offroad and little streets, pass the little city “Nakhon Thai”, and reach after the very beautiful area of “Phu Kud” mountain and wildlifepreserve. You will see very lonely villages in very beautiful valleys. After lunch we ride up the proud and very high “Phu Kud”-mountain on a wide and sometimes steep offroadway. Although some parts of the way are very steep no problem without rain. With rain it is really hard to reach the top or go down from the top. Rain change the good way very fast to a very deep muddy way. And so very very slidy!

Everywhere on the way up you will see deepgreen and beautiful jungles ! All of the mountainranges, we can see from the top of “Phu Kud”, are surrounded from original and large jungles. We have very beautiful views. And sure we have a lot of fun on our endurobikes, to ride this steep mountain up and down. On top of “Phu Kud” we will visit the hilltribevillage and have a rest and a coffee. It is possible to go from there some nice endurotracks if we still have the time for it, because we must pass the wildlifepreserve-jungles till our next destination before it gets dark. On the way down again very beautiful views! We reach the valley and ride an amazing jungle-track through the “Phu Kud” wildlifepreserve. Jungle – jungle – up and down….and always beautiful views to far away mountainranges. Aamazing ! We reach after 1 or 2 hours the little street to “Phu Suan Sai”- nationalparkarea, our next destination. We arrive on evening in the rangerstation and headquarter. This very beautiful nationalpark-area is located direct on the natural jungleborder to Laos. At the headquarter we stay the night. In tents or in bungalows. How you like. “Phu Suan Sai”-nationalpark offers us a very nice located restaurant with delicious thaifood and a lot of beautiful views over the borderriver to the endless jungleareas of Laos.

Day 9:

we will ride through the nationalpark, and walk down to the waterfall at the river-border to Laos. Or/and we walk to the highest viewpoint of this mountain-area, to have a beautiful view to the Laosjungles and surrounded areas. Or/and we drive with our bikes to other viewpoints. Or/and we drive some tracks outside of the Nationalpark. Or/and we have a rest in this beautiful and silent junglearea. Up to you.....

Day 10:

sorry - this is the last day of our tour. We have to go back to Phurua. First we ride on little mountainstreets through a very beautiful landscape. Pass some nice villages, and turn after some time to nice offroadtracks. Where we have again a lot of beautiful views. We will reach Phu Rua and our resort early afternoon. Where we serve on evening your dinner at the campfire in our garden.     

If you like to leave us this day - we will take you to the bus-stations of Phu Rua or Loei – or to the airport Loei.

If you like to stay more days with us - you are welcome! 



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This tour we ride during the whole year. So special dates during the whole year are possible. Special dates during highseason too.

Please tell us your favourite date. We will answer you fast as possible.


Euro 1.815,-

We organize your accommodations at all destinations of the tour. Also we care about technical and other problems which can happen. So our guests must not care about everything. With us you are with friends.


- 9 nights Accommodation on twin-share base including breakfast.

- Endurobike

- Gasoline & Lubricants

- Booking- and organize-service

- Transfer by accident and/or damaged bike

- Transfers/pick-up-service from the bus-stations “Phu Rua” or “Loei” and back. Or from airport “Loei” and back.


Euro 20,- Single supplement per day "on tour" during high season (october till february).

Euro 15,- Single supplement per day "on tour" during low season (march till september).

Euro 10,- Single supplement per day at our resort all around the year.


During rainy-season we need a little luck, to have during this long trip every day best weather. But do not be worry - the rain is coming mostly short and strong - and after the short rain the sun is shining again! In only 15 minutes the streets are dry again ! But offroad get slidy. In this case we can ride a while on streets too.

Rainy-season offers a very beautiful nature!!

If you like to stay with us after this trip more time - you are welcome!

Please see the discriptions about all this places and areas in "Places and areas of interest"

The pictures of them, and from the accommodations too, you can see in "Gallery"


You can rent a bike from us and go alone of course. We also have little scooterbikes with 125 ccm.

Or you enjoy our beautiful and large lake for swimming ….or other activities…we will give you a lot of tips…..


For people they do not likb to ride - we have a carservice too. To all the places and areas of interest we have in our area. And much more.....

Tell us your wishes - you are welcome!



Euro 190,- per day/rider


- Accommodation on twin share base and breakfast at our resort.

- Endurobike

- Gasoline

- Trainer on own bike

Euro 10,- Single supplement/day

More pictures about this amazing tour, and the places and areas we visit during this endurotour, please see in "Gallery"