Tours, trips and more

Tours, trips and more.....

We are a mountainresort with bikes for rent.

Our biketeams ride a lot of amazing offroad- and street-tours during the whole year. Our guests can go alone on tour, or choose the tours of our biketeams.

Guests they like to ride with a funny bikegroup, so can choose our enduro- and streetbike-teams for amazing offroad- and streettours in Thailand and Laos. Of course our tours are sightseeingtours too..... 

Guests can also choose our wandertours and trekkingtours....and much more, like free all are welcome!


The members of our biketeams "Dan Sai" and "Loei" are european-, american-, australian-, thai....and other nationalitys....

Our teams are a lot on tour - like you can see in our website. If you choose our teams you ride on private base with own risk. But don't worry - with us your are safe!

If you want ot be sure 100%, you will get in your country from every travel office or from your own insurance agent special travel insurances

for very low money. Even for rented bikes.   

Please click the links on the end of this page, to see the descriptions of our offroadtours, streettours and other activities.

With guests we ride our more-days-tours with little groups. Because only so everybody can get so much fun as possible. And only with a little group it is possible to care the wishes of everybody. Everything is possible - to reach the destinations on amazing offroadtracks or on beautiful mountainstreets. Or with a good mixture of both. With us you are with friends!


Our "Ban Aloi Team" ride daytrips nearly every day. And if you like to ride with a big group amazing 1-day-offroadtrips - we ride with our Enduroteams "Loei" and "Dan Sai" every sunday amazing offroadtrips in our very large mountainarea. You are welcome!

Our high located mountainarea offer the best and most pleasant climate of Thailand. 

So during the whole year biking and all other outdoor activities are possible.       

But please!

If you go alone - do not ride inside wildlifepreserve-areas and on farmerfields. And please care our

nature, the local people and the villages here! So you are wellcome everywhere. 

Sure it is the best you ride with us. If you do not know our mountain- and jungleareas you can be lost!

And in some areas live big wild animals like elephants and can be dangerous. With us you

are safe!   

With us you will get very special and unforgetable enduro- ,streetbiking-, sightseeing-, wander- and


The descriptions about all highlights around us you find in "places and areas of interest"

And much more pictures of them in "Gallery"

Please note:

You ride on your own risk. Of course our bikes have insurances about accident. If you ride with us and like we will tell you - sure nothing will happen.   

But if you think your basic insurance from your country is not enough, you can get the right paggage of travel-insurance for low money from every traveloffice or from your insurance-company in your country. And for rented bikes too. 

For bikers over 50 years of age we offer special tours, if they do not like to ride with the young guys. Choose us and you will enjoy it! 


Streetbiker please note: 

all of our recommended offroadtours are possible too for streetbiker. In this case exclusively on little amazing mountainstreets with very low traffic. And always through very beautiful and exotic mountain landscapes! The daydestinations and the sightseeingplaces are the same!

So the streettours distinguish to the endurotours only about the way to the day-destinations.


Our recommendation!

During the days from Christmastime to New Year our mountaintouristcity "Phurua" and our big

valleycity "Loei" have very very much tourists from all over the world. And offers a lot of amazing events. Like concerts, processions, Christmas- and New Year celebrations. We recommend to our guests - don't miss it !!     


Offroadtours - and Street/offroad-mixture-tours



Sightseeing- wildlife- and adventure-tours

Wander- and trekking-tours

Yoga teaching