Thung Saleng Luang nationalpark

“Thung Saleng Luang”- nationalpark

This very large nationalpark borders with “Khao Kho”-area. And is high located too with best climate!


“Thung Saleng Luang” have a lot of wild elephants, tigers, baers, buffalos, wulfs and others……..

But it is safe and ideal for mountainbiking. Because many areas are nearly flat with only little hills. And ideal of course to watch the beautiful nature, flowers and plants. And of course the wildlife. 

Many big and beautiful waterfalls and large caves invite you for a refreshing bath and “underground experiences”. 

Do not be afraid about the big wild animals of Thailand ! With a little care and a ranger as guide/or us for guide - nothing will happen to you !!

The nationalpark offers more beautiful located campgrounds,  Bungalows and restaurants for his visitors.

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