Tat Mok waterfall and nationalpark

“Tat Mok”-waterfall and nationalpark

To this beautiful and very high located waterfall-and jungle-area we have a 120km-drive from our resort. 

This waterfall-jungle-area belongs to the jungle-mountain-area of “Phu Khiao – Thung Kamang”-wildlife-preserve-area.

The “Tat Mok”-waterfall-area is near to the “Khao Kho”-mountain-area.


To reach “Tat Mok” we drive high up on a little mountain-street through a beautiful jungle- and rock-area. Till we arrive at the rangerstation with campsite in the jungle. On the way up we already have very beautiful views down to the valley of the bigger city “Petchabun”.


We will enjoy an amazing “jungle-night” here! And do a trip to the very high “Tat Mok”-waterfall. Located in a very beautiful jungle-mountain-area.

A nice large mountain-lake near Petchabun, surrounded from high mountain-ranges, is worth to visit too. And recommended for Endurobiker too, because there are a lot of good offroad-tracks around this large lake and through the mountains.


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