Si Satchanalai historical park and waterfall-nationalpark

“Si Satchanalai”-historicalpark and  “Si Satchanalai"- waterfall-nationalpark

The historical area of “Si Satchanalai” is located very near to the bigger city “Sukhotai” and his beautiful historical ruins.

To visit “Si Satchanalai” historical park and -nationalpark  we have a 250 km-drive to do. Mostly on big highways possible. And so we are fast.


Si Satchanalai” is wellknow like “Sukhotai” and “Ayutthaya”. Maybe you already heard about. If not - we will tell you more about this very interesting historical areas during you stay with us.

Not far from “Si Satchanalai”-city and “Si Satchanalai”-historicalpark is a very beautiful jungle- waterfall-nationalpark-area with the same name. “Si Satchanalai”-waterfall-nationalpark is very recommended to  visit !! In this beautiful jungle- mountain-area  4 great waterfalls from the same stream falls down very spectacular and very strong over big rocks/cliffs. In rainy-season it is not allowed to walk to the waterfall-area. Because in this time it is too dangerous !

It is recommended to visit the “Si Satchanalai”-, the “Sukhothai” historical-areas and the “Si Satchanalai” waterfall-nationalpark during the same trip. So you should have time enough.

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