Phu Wiang nationalpark

“Phu Wiang” - nationalpark

This “Dinosaurus”-nationalpark is located not far away from the nationalparks “Phu Kradueng”  and “Phu Pha Man”.

We have a 2 hours-drive to there from our resort. And from “Phu Kradueng” mountain only about 1 hour. 

This nationalpark-area looks like “a circle of mountains” with a beautiful jungle-valley inside. Only through one little natural entrance it is possible to reach this valley.I just can say “An own little world” or “a Jurrasic park”.

We can walk or drive to some dinosaurus-outdigging-places in the jungle. To some more places only by foot is possible. It is like a “natural jungle-dinosaurus-museum”.

With our Endurobikes it is possible to reach some peaks of the surrounded mountains. To have fantastic views down to the jungle-valley inside. And outside of this “own world” to the surrounded mountain- and valley-areas . From this peaks you can see also “Phu Kradueng”-mountain and the “Phu Pha Man”-mountains.

At the entrance to this valley inside is a new and large dinosaurus-museum. Entrance free !

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