Phu Tab Boek mountain

“Phu Tab Boek” -  mountain

“Phu” means “mountain”.

This amazing and very steep mountain borders with the large “Phu Hin Ronkla”-nationalpark-area. We have a 100km-drive to there from our resort. 

On “Phu Tab Boek” lives hilltribes in little villages on a height of 1.800m (over sealevel). They offer for tourists food in many restaurants and sell their products in their shops. Very nive located coffee-shops offer too nice views to the surrounded areas. From one coffee-shop, located on a high cliff, we have a fantastic view down to the deep valley, to the amazing street high and to the surrounded mountain-ranges.


The hilltribes offer on very nice located areas a lot of bungalows and tents for the tourists. And they are planting a lot of cabbage.

“Phu Tab Boek” is the paradise for Biker. And offers the most amazing mountain-street in our area !! On this road it is possible “to race” or drive from the valley with a height of 300m (over sealevel) up to 1.800m (over sealevel) !! Over endless amazing curves. An amazing trip !

But it is really recommended to stop more often at the viewpoint-cliffs !  You will have fantastic views !!  See our pictures !! 

On “Phu Tab Boek” and “Phu Hin Ronkla” the temperatures never reach more than +30 degree !  There on days all around the year is a very pleasant climate. A lot of tourists visit this wellknown, beautiful and very steep mountain with best climate and fantastic views. And every weekend the people from the surrounded cities and more far away flee to “Phu Tab Boek” for a nice pick-nick and rest. Because in their cities it is too hot. Even for thais.


On some winter-nights the temperatures falls down under 0 degree on “Phu Tab Boek” and “Phu Hin Ronkla”.


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