Phu Suan Sai nationalpark

“Phu Suan Sai” – nationalpark

This beautiful jungle-area is located direct at the natural-jungle-river-border-to Laos. We have a 1 ½ hours-drive to there from our resort. 

This beautiful area offers a lot of waterfalls. One of them is direct at the jungle-river-border to Laos. And the area is ideal for amazing mountain-and nature-trips. Guides and/or we will guide you.

We will watch the beautiful coloured jungle-birds and listen the “jungle-life”.  If we have a luck we will see a very special kind of tortoises (turtles).

The very beautiful located restaurant of “Phu Suan Sai” will care for our hunger. And we will sleep in tents on large and very nice campgrounds. Surrounded from a nice little lake and many beautiful flowerfields ! Simple bungalows are offered too. 

We will walk down to the river, the natural border to Laos, to the nice waterfall there. Enjoy the scenery and listen the wildlife. The rangers told us, it is possible to see sometimes tigers. Do not be afraid about tigers – you are safe with us and the rangers. Please see too our description about tigers in “Phu Khiao -Thung Kamang” wildlife-preserve.


We will do a very interesting jungle-trip to the highest campground on a peak. From there and other high located viewpoints we have fantastic views over this beautiful mountain-areas. And to the mountain-jungle-areas of Laos too.   

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