Phu Soi Dao nationalpark

“Phu Soi Dao”- mountain and nationalpark

“Phu” means “mountain”.

The “Phu Soi Dao”-nationalpark-area is located direct on the natural jungle-mountain-border to Laos. You will see there a lot of very beautiful jungles and wilderness !

We have a 2 ½ -hour-drive to this area from our resort. Through a fantastic nature and scenery ! 

“Phu Soi Dao”-mountain is a very steep and very high mountain ! With deepgreen jungle till the peak! He belongs to the highest mountains of Thailand with a height of 2.102m (over sealevel).


This nationalpark-area offers a very beautiful, original and so very old jungle-area. With a lot of wildlife. You can watch from high positions very beautiful sun-rises and sun-sets. The scenery is really amazing ! You will feel like “far away from any civilisation and deep in the wilderness”.

It is possible to go high this steep mountain beside his beautiful waterfall. Which falls down from a very high level. We go with a thai-guide and carrier for our baggage to a campground on a height of 1.600m. The views from here into the Laos-neighbour-jungles are fantastic !


All food and drinks must be carried because no restaurant there. The guides and carrier will do it for us for a little money.

!! This trip is a real adventure you never will forget !! Let’s do it !

And don’t be afraid – you are very safe with us !

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