Phu Rua-city

“Phu Rua”-city

“Phu Rua”-city is located on a large, beautiful and high mountain-valley. With a height of 750m (over sealevel).  From here to the Laos-river- border is only a 40km drive. 

If you search our area in a map – look between the big cities “Udonthani” and “Uttaradit”. There is Loei-city too.

“Phu Rua” is a very little city. But very wellknown in Thailand as a very beautiful mountain-tourist-area with the most pleasant climate of Thailand.   

In the websites of the “Thailand- and Phu Rua-tourism-websites” you always will find following statements:       

“ Phu Rua/Loei  - The Coolest of Siam” and “Loei - See of Mountains”. 


But “the Coolest…”  means here in Thailand not very cold ! It means here in Thailand “the most pleasant”!!  Because Thailand is a hot

country with an average-year-temperature of +27 degree !

The day-temperatures all over the year here on “Phu Rua”- level , and so too on our resort, are mostly between +25 degree and +30 degree.

Only on some days during wintertime (December till February) the day-temperatures can be a little deeper till +22 degree – and only on some days during summertime (March and April) a little higher till +34 degree.


The nights on “Phu Rua”-area are very pleasing during rainy-season and summertime. And during December and January often cool till very cool. This time is our campfire-party-time !!   

The mountains in this very large area around “Phu Rua” reach a height till 2.100m.

During the tourism-high-season (December and January) we have a lot of mountainlover-tourists here. But 99% of them are thais and other asian-people. And so only some “white people” from Europe, USA, Australia…..and from all over the world.   

“Phu Rua” offers for his visitors more than 40 resorts and hotels. They are often booked out in high-season. But even in high-season we do not have a problem with too much tourism or too much traffic. Because our area is very large! And we do not have the very big tourism like the upper parts of Thailand. Like “Chiang Mai”-area.

So it is all the year round “very recovering” here! And we hope never the big-foreigner-tourism will find our paradise here ! 

On our resort you only hear the birds. Nature pure ! Sure you will feel “like home” !

We always have best mountain-air and never too high air-humity. It is comparable with Europe-areas. And mostly we have a nice refreshing wind.


All high located areas in Thailand offers a very good climate. But Thailand has only 2 large and high located mountain-areas (with civilisized life). All other high located valleys/areas are much more little. And there only hill-tribes lives in little villages.

In all deep located valleys of northern Thailand, and everywhere in the south of Thailand nearly 9 month the year (March till October/November) it is hot. And during the rainy-season often very humit. Only during wintertime everywhere is a cooler and so pleasing climate.


This 2 high located mountain-areas are “Phu Rua”-area and “Khao Kho”-area. On both we have a civilisized life, and all over the year the best and most pleasing climate of Thailand. 

To “Khao Kho” we will go with you during our recommended “7 days Enduro-tour”. “Khao Kho”-area is very nice and offers more than 100 resorts and hotels. “Khao Kho” has a lot of tourism. But for our feeling too much tourism.  And the accommodations on “Khao Kho” are expensive. In compare “Phu Rua” is ”like home” !

But some days holidays on “Khao Kho” sure are very nice! We will do it – if you like to choose us!   

If you like to see more pictures from “Phu Rua” and “Khao Kho” please click on “Gallery” !