Phu Pha Nam resort - swimming, relaxing and bird- and animal-watching

“Phu Pha Nam” resort

This “many star resort” we reach with a ½ hour-drive from our resort.

Sure you will enjoy there very much swimming in his beautiful and large pool - made with special and natural stones. From the pool you have a beautiful mountain-view ! Use the pool is only 4 Euros/day. 

” Phu Pha Man” offers too in a very large cage the very big and very nice coloured junglebirds - called “Hornbills”. And parrots and much more……It is allowed to go inside the cage to the birds.


Black swans are swimming in a little lake beside the restaurant. Amazing !


This resort offers too very beautiful flowergardens with high “Phi-Tha-Khon”-statues. Very nice for a walk and a rest.   

From the viewpoint-terrace on the pool-area  you will see down in the valley free roes and roebucks. And  horses and ostrichs. 

A very nice restaurant, again with a view-terrace, invite for lunch. And a lot of beautiful rooms and bungalows are offered to the guests.

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