Phu Peak flowergarden

“Phu Peak” flowergarden 

“Phu Peak” is a gouvernment-agricultur-development-area. “Phu” means “mountain”.

“Phu Peak”-area with flowergarden is a project from thai-government. To support the farmers for development. In Thailand we have a lot of such projects.

The people there are planting many kind of plants for experiment. And give their knowledge to the farmers.  “Phu Peak” sells seeds and plants too to the farmers. Or everybody who want to buy. So we too bought our coffee-plants there.


During high-season (wintertime) many tourists visit this beautiful place. The visitors enjoy the very pleasing climate on this high and nice mountain-area. During wintertime you will see there a lot of very beautiful flower-fields, strawberry-plantations and others…..!

“Phu Peak” offers on very nice located campgrounds tents and bungalows for visitors. And a restaurant with mountain-view, coffeeshops and a mountainlake. 


You will get here the very delicious “Queen of nuts”- the Maccadamien-nuts. And other “snacks” on the little shops and in the restaurant.

For you lunch you can choose too the private restaurant “Rai Tan Oab”. This nature-restaurant is located on the way to “Phu Peak”. Here you can enjoy “the best steak of Thailand”. Or delicious thai-food. “Rai Tan Oab” is a maccadamien-farm. The owners are good friends of us. And their place is surrounded from a beautiful nature. Khun Song (Mr. song) was a long time the food-manager of the german airline “Lufthansa” in Bangkok. So they know how to prepare a delicious steak. Of course they are speaking english. And a little german too.


After lunch and coffee you can see the maccadamien-plantations. And Song will tell you everything about the planting of maccadamien-nuts.

The “Phu Peak”-area is a very silent area. With nice waterfalls and a lot of viewpoints. From one view- point you have a great view over the endless jungles of the “Phu Luang” wildlife-preserve-area. 

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