Phu Khiao-Thung Kamang- wildlife-preserve-area

"Phu Khiao-Thung Kamang" wildlife-preserve-area

This very large Wildlife-Preserve-Mountain-area is located about 150km in south of our resort.


This area borders with “Nam Nao”-nationalpark and some other nationalpark-areas.


We reach this area from our resort over very nice mountainstreets. With a lot of beautiful views. And through a very beautiful landscape. To go there - a lot of offroad-ways are possible too.


“Phu Khiao”-area have a lot of wildlife. And offers you very nice jungle-areas with a lot of deepgreen mountains and great waterfalls. And of course a lot of beautiful views and a great jungle-feeling .


It is possible to drive about 40km inside the jungle of “Phu Khiao - Tung Kamang”. But this is allowed only with a car, because of a lot of wild elephants and tigers they are living there ! And of course many other big and smaller animals too.


In Thailand nowhere we have fences in nationalparks, forests and jungles ! It is not necessary – if we are a little careful.

In the jungle you will see sure on day hundreds of roes and roebucks. And very big “Waranes” (sorry I do not know the name in english – it is like a crocodile) in and out of the little lakes there.


And a lot of different birds and other animals….and maybe elephants too. But they are more active in the nights. Like the tigers. With a little luck you can hear them roaring in the night, when you are safe in your bungalow. You cannot find and see them on the day. And this is not a good idea - you know they can be dangerous. Like wild elephants too. An elephant maybe will attack because you are in his area. A tiger never will attack you because you are not his food. Only when he is too old or sick, and so too slowly to catch a dear, he will start to attack people.


It is possible to stay at the end of this jungle-way over night in one of the comfortable bungalows there. But we must take our food and drinks with us because there is no restaurant or shop.


Visit “Phu Khiao” wildlife-track is a great adventure you never will forget!! Let’s go – do it !!

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