Nan-City and his mountain-ranges


We need a 5 till 6-hour-drive from our resort to direction north, to reach this nice bigger city near the border to Laos.


350 km through a wild, very silent and very beautiful mountain- and jungle-area.

“Nan”-city offers us a very nice center-area. With a lot of very beautiful temples, green nice parks, a lot of restaurants and, like in Thailand everywhere, ”a lot of nightlife”. And dinner-restaurants at the wide “Nan”-river.


“Nan”-city is wellknown for his boat-race-event ! This is a boat-race with very beautiful and very long “handmade-longtail-boats”. With a lot of    oarsmen on every boat. This festival is only in rainy-season.


“Nan”-city is a bigger city - but still a silent city. In “Nan” you will feel “like home”.

I have a lot of thai-biker-friends there. I invite you to enjoy with my friends and me a nightlife-evening. If you like.

The high mountain-ranges of Nan-area


“Nan”-city is surrounded of many very high mountain-ranges. Like “Phu Ka”-range and others……

There is a paradise for mountain-lovers. Many very large nationalparks and endless mountain-jungles give you unforgetable experiences.

The climate on the mountain-areas is so good - you sure like to go trecking or wander.

On a beautiful camp-area near the river in “Bo Kluea”-village we will enjoy our evening-campfire with dinner and music.

“Bo Kluea” means “salt spring”. The villagers get from the very salty water salt. They cook the water on fires till only the salt is remaining.

You can buy it !


A lot of amazing waterfalls and very clear mountain-streams invite you in this area for a refreshing bath.

Lonely thai- and hilltribe-villages are located very beautiful on and at very steep mountains. Often we do not know we are still in Thailand or already in Laos. But no problem – we have freedom and friend-ship everywhere !

Often you will feel like you are hundred years back in the time. Nowhere is rush - everywhere is silent and a beautiful nature. And very friendly and smiling people everywhere. 


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