Nam Nao nationalpark

"Nam Nao" nationalpark

“Nam Nao” means “cold water”. This nationalpark-area is located about a 150km-drive in south of our resort.


We reach this area over very nice mountain-streets with a lot of beautiful views. And through an amazing landscape. A lot of this way is possible to go offroad too.


“Nam Nao“ Nationalpark-area borders with the very large “Phu Khiao – Tung Kamang” Wildlife-Preserve-area. And with the “Phu Kradueng” Nationalpark-area too.


“Nam Nao” offers a lot of wildlife. And very nice jungle-areas with deep green and high mountains. “Nam Nao” also have great caves, high waterfalls and beautiful flowerfields. And of course a lot of amazing views.

From “view-towers” in the jungle, you can watch safe on evening and over the night too, wild animals like elephants and maybe, if you are lucky, tigers…..and a lot of other animals. 

Even the connection-highway between the big citys “Khon Kaen” and “Phitsanulok”, which travers “Nam Nao”, offers you a lot of beautiful views to the jungles and mountains on both sides of this highway. The speed-limit of this highway is at more areas reduced to 60km/hour. Because of elephant-crossing and others…. !!  Because accidents on this highway with elephants and even with tigers are happened.


From “Nam Nao”-Nationalpark it is possible to drive about 40km inside the jungle of “Phu Khiao – Tung Kamang” Wildlife-Preserve-area. But this is allowed only with a car. Because of a lot of wild elephants and tigers they are living there !

In this jungle you will see  sure on day hundreds of wild dears. And very big “Waranes” (sorry I do not know the name in english – it is like a crocodile) in and out of the little lakes there.     

It is possible to stay at the end of this jungle-way over night, in one of the comfortable bungalows. But we must take our food and drinks with us because “no service” there in the jungle.


Let’s go – do it !! This is a very nice trip and adventure - you never will forget!

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