Khao Kho mountain area

“Khao Kho” mountain-valley

This in Thailand wellknown and large mountain-tourist-valley is located on a height-level of 1.200m (over sealevel). Surrounded from beautiful and high mountain-ranges and nationalparks.


“Khao Kho” Area has a lot of highlights worth to see.

The Nationalpark “Khao Kho” and the very large Nationalpark “Thung Saleng Luang” are located very near to the “Khao Kho”-valley.

“Thung Saleng Luang” Nationalpark is the home of a lot of wild animals - like elephants, tigers, buffalos, baers, wulfs and so on…. you can enjoy great waterfalls and beautiful caves too. And of course the wildlife in a very beautiful nature and jungles.


The “Khao Kho”-valley-area offer nice waterfalls, and more than one hundred often very beautiful resorts.

And “Khao Kho” have one of the most beautiful temple-areas of Thailand. Very nice located at the “Kho Kho Mountain”. An amazing scenery !


The weather and the temperatures are like in our “Phu Rua”-area. All over the year pleasant climate.   

Some more highlights of “Khao Kho”:

-  the white pagoda


-  the remember monument of the communist-war and fighting-area

-  the King-Palace on a nice mountain


-  many flower-gardens and -areas


-  a lot of beautiful jungle-waterfalls.

-  and little and large lakes for swimming.

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