Huay Nam Man

“Huay Nam Man”- lake

To this very beautiful located lake it is only a ½ hour-drive from our resort. To direction Loei-city.


You can go there with one of our bikes. Or we take you there with our car. If you like to go alone – no problem because this lake is very easy to find. 

A lot of restaurants offer delicious thai-food. And of course delicious fish. You can enjoy your food on a comfortable bamboo-house-boat. And if you like to eat on the lake outside - a longtail-boat take your bamboo-boat to every place you like. And so of course swimming outside in the very clear and deep water is very nice! From there you will have an amazing scenery !


In our low located lakes, like "Huay Nam Man" swimming all around the year is possible. Because the water never is cold.


The longtail-boats are your food-service too. If you like to go back with your bamboo-boat, or you like more food, drinks, fruits or snacks…… hoist up your flag at your boat. A longtail-boat will come immediately.

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