Chatrakan - waterfall nationalpark

“Chatrakan” – waterfall nationalpark

This great waterfall- and rock-nationalpark is located in a very nice mountain-area near “Phu Kud” Wildlife-Preserve-area. We need a 2 hours-drive to there from our resort.


You can enjoy there a very nice and high waterfall in an amazing rock-valley. This very beautiful  waterfall falls down very steep from a high-level over many cliffs into a little lake.

Of course the best time to visit every waterfall-area is in rainy-season. Or after rainy-season from November till December. Because in this time the waterfalls have a lot of water and are “very strong”.

The cliffs, viewpoints and the nature all the year round are beautiful.

You can go swimming in the little lake of Chatarakan Waterfall. Or have only a pick-nick there. Or you climb up beside the waterfall over many steps/cliffs. Till to a high viewpoint-peak. Already on the way high to the viewpoint-peak you will have a lot of nice views. From the peak you have very nice views over the surrounded mountain-areas.


Near this peak also are to see prehistoric foodprints and prehistoric writings in the rocks.


All of the "Chatrakan"-area and around too is a beautiful mountain-area with a lot of jungles. One of the neighbour-areas is “Phu Kud”


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