Phu Pha Lom mountainpark

“Phu Pha Lom”-mountainpark

This very steep and high rock-mountain-area is located very near “Loei”-city. From our resort we have a  45km-drive to this area.


In the center of this rock-mountains is a beautiful little valley with a lot of very big and high rocks and jungle. Inside this valley you will feel like “in another world”. Or like “in jurrasic park”. We walk there “up and down” through a “wild jungle-rock-area”.  An amazing scenery !


It is possible to climb up the steep and very high mountains to get a beautiful view to the surrounded areas.

The nature around “Loei”-city is “very special” and very nice. With a lot of high rock-areas. This big rocks are surrounded from green ricefields and forests.


Some rock-ares near “Phu Pha Lom” offers us very large and high located caves. It is possible to reach them. We will see there on evening millions of bats. They are leaving their caves for hunting. The sky get dark when the millions of bats leave their caves.   

Some rock-areas have very beautiful “forest-temples”. We will visit them. And one of them has an amazing and very nice “underground-cave”. A monk will go with us down in the earth to show us these cave. You can see there snakes they are living in the darkness. But don’t be afraid ! This are “holy snakes” and so not dangerous for us ! 

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