Places and areas of interest


A lot of this places and areas of interest we pass and visit during our offroad-, street- and sightseeingtours!

If you do not like to go alone, you are welcome to choose our private biketeams. This tours so are on private base. You are welcome!   

You can rent a bike or car from us and go alone. But if you do not know the area often it is not easy to find. But we will give you best information after you arrived. 


For the descriptions of all highlights please cick on the links.   

And the pictures of them you can see in “Gallery


Our "Ban Aloi" mountainvalley

Our mountain-area around Phu Rua

"Chatrakan" - waterfall nationalpark

"Dan Sai"-city, his temples and Phi Ta Khon-festival

"Huay Nam Man" lake and swimming

"Khao Kho" mountain-tourist-area

"Klong Tron" nationalpark


"Mekong"-river and "Chiang Khan"-city

"Nam Nao" nationalpark

"Nan"-city and his mountain-ranges

"Phu Hin Ronkla" nationalpark

"Phu Hoo" the tower-mountain

"Phu Khiao -Thung Kamang" wildlife-preserve-area

"Phu Kradueng" mountain and nationalpark

"Phu Kud" wildlife-preserve-area

"Phu Lom Lo" mountain

"Phu Luang" wildlife-preserve-area