Our resort

Our mountainresort “Ban Aloi".

Our resort is located on a wellknown and very beautiful mountainarea near to the border to Laos. And so near to the Mekong river. In a map you will find our bigger valleycity "Loei" and our little mountaintouristcity "Phurua" between the large citys "Udonthani" and "Uttaradit".

Our resort is located on a height of 750m (over sealevel). We are surrounded from 6 high mountains. They reach a height till 1.700m. Every of them is an offroad- wander- and trekkingparadise!

The biggest of them belongs to the wellknown “Phu Luang wildlifepreserve-area". Our land is located directly at the entrance to this very large wildlifepreserve-area with a size of 850 squarekilometers.

"Phu Luang" offers a lot of wildlife. More hundreds of wild elefants and a lot of other animals live here.


To our little mountaincity “Phu Rua” we only have 10 minutes with car. And to the bigger city “Loei ” we only have 35km down on an amazing mountainstreet.

“Phu Rua” offers a lot of nightlife during high-season (november tlll april). Also music- and dance-shows. Thailand have a lot of festival days too!

In “Loei” every night and all over the year is a lot of nightlife. There are many pubs with lifemusic. Discos and a lot of the biggest brandname-shoppingcenters of Thailand. And of course a lot of little shops in every street.

We live here in the center of the best offroad-area of Thailand with endless possibilities. And of course our high mountainarea offers too for streetbiker a lot of amazing mountainstreets with very low traffic and amazing vierws everywhere.   

Our area offers a lot of areas and places of interest and other highlights. And of course the very beautiful mountainparadise.

We offer our guests on our estate 6000 squaremeters of a beautiful and silent natureparadise. Where you can forget for some time the “rush-hour of the life”. The birds and the sun will wake you up here. You will see the farmers and buffalos they are passing our land. And ladies from the villages around us. They are walking every early morning to the very near foresttemple for praying.

We offer you a delicious thai- and european kitchen and bakery. You will get homemade “german bread” and delicious cakes. And during december till february homemade strawberrycakes. All fruits we need crow up in our gardenplantation.

Every evening we will serve your dinner in our beautiful garden with campfire.

Lunch, drinks, coffee, tea, other cakes, cappuccinos”, snacks…….of course you will get too.

Please see our descriptions about every highlight in "places and areas of interest"

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- "our beautiful sunsets"  We have a lot of them - mostly in rainy season.

- and so on....     

And much more pictures of them you find in “Gallery

To every highlight around us - you can go alone - or with us.   

Please see the descriptions of all recommended tours, trips and other activities in “Tours, trips and more

Much more pictures of them you will find in “Gallery”                                         


And if you like to stay longer time with us, and you like to have more activities - we have a very large and very beautiful mountainarea around us. And a lot of places and areas of interest. We are direct on the entrance to the “Phu Luang wildlifepreserve area". From us it is only a 18km-drive up to “Phu Luang mountain" (means: king mountain). Through an amazing jungle - there you are in "another world”. With a lot of wildlife and amazing views!

And the citys "Phu Rua" and "Loei"(every day nightlife) are not far away. You can rent a bike from us and go alone. Or we take you there with car. Or go with you on bikes.

We have endurobikes and scooters for rent. And we give our guests every information for amazing biketours all over northern thailand.

People they do not like to ride alone, are welcome to choose our recommended tours with our private enduro- and streetbiker-teams. We do a lot of tours and trips during the whole year.

Offroad is possible from the entrance of our resort! And over thousands of kilometers. Our mountainarea is very large with thousands of

squarekilometers! The mountains reach a height till 2.100 m. With deepgreen forests and jungles mostly till the peaks!

For people they like swimming, we have near beautiful lakes where you can enjoy on a bamboo-houseboot your lunch. And swimming of course. Around the lake are a lot of delicious restaurants which serve your food and everything with taxi-longtailboats.

For people they do not biking we have a carservice.


More pictures about our resort you find in “Gallery”

Ban Aloi Resort, Tambon Santom, Amphur Phurua - Loei 42160, Thailand

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