Visa and more

Visa   You must not ask for visa, if you do not stay more than 30 days in Thailand. In this case you will get a 30-day-tourist-visa for free. And it will be issued on your entry at the airport in Bangkok.

If you like to stay in Thailand longer than 30 days, you can get a “Mulitble-entry-visa” from the Thai-Embassy in your country. 2, 3 or 4 entrys are possible with this visa. And for every entry you get 90 days. The border to Laos is only 30km from us. So it is easy to do the visarun. Go out and come back immediately if you like. Or enjoy Laos for some time.

The costs for a 4-entry-visa (1 year-visa) is about 120 Euros.

CLOTHING   All around the year it is enough/or recommended you have thin and airy clothes. Everywhere t-shirts and shorts all around the year are possible on day. Only in the nights during december and january it is cooler on the mountains. Very cool is possible too. So you should have during this time on higher areas for the nights long pants and a jacket. Everything you will need here, you can buy here much cheaper than in your country. The breakfast at our resort we will have in our garden again in t-shirt with a lot of sun!

Long and airy clothing are recommended during the very warm rainy-season and the hot summertime for 1 or 2 hours on the evenings. Because of some mosquitos. After 1 or 2 hours from beginning of the evening the “mountain-mosquitos” go sleeping. During wintertime we do not have mosquitos.

We will enjoy a lot of campfires during wintertime and the other times too - if you like. You will see every night thousands of stars on the very clear sky in the mountains.

For offroad- and streetbiking too, it is safety and necessary you bring a good bike-jacket and a good bike-pant with you. They must have protectors ! For knee, ellbow and your back. It’s safe!

If you like to go pretentious offroadtrips we recommend a very airy protector-jacket. Or better a bodyprotector and a moto-cross shirt.

Or a very thin and airy jacket. And a moto-cross-pant. Knee-protectors are necessary! And good airy gloves of course ! With this outfit you can go offroad- and street-trips.

For cooler areas on very high mountains you should have a thin airstop-jacket or a rainjacket. This jackets you use over the bodyprotector if you feel cool without. So you are protected enough for cooler areas. This jackets you need only from december till middle of february.   

“Safety shoes” or much better ”offroad-boots” you should have! And a helmet with a visor or a moto-cross goggle. Everything in very good quality you can buy here much cheaper than in your country. Or rent it from us. But for best fitting it is sure you take your outfit with you. 

For rainy-season you should have a rain-jacket too. But no worry - the rain always is like a very warm shower. And the sun comes back very soon. If you have no rain-jacket, no problem too but not so comfortable.

And take some straps or ropes and a little bag with you - to fix your (little) luggage, we will take with us on the bike for longer trips.

For trekking- and wander-tours in the mountains, nationalparks or wildlife-preserves ….sportshoes are enough.

For the evenings and when we are on trip, a little pocket-lamp is recommended .

For Thailands strong sun all around the year you should have a cap. Of course you can buy everything here for very cheap money. 

Thailand-culture and his people   For your maybe first visit of Thailand - here some of the most important rules:

never speak very loud or be aggressive to thais, although something went wrong. If you do like this you will “loose your face”. And “loose the face” is the most bad thing what can happen here to you. Be always friendly and patient - and all people sure will help you. The thais are very open and very friendly to foreigners! But they will not accept if you show bad behaviour. And some thaimen can get very aggressive, if you “hurt” them with bad behavior or bad words.   

Always show a lot of respect for the King-famliy. Never rumple a picture of the king. On the money, where is the picture of the king, too. Always treat pictures of the King and the King-family very respectful. Never speak bad about the King and his family!

Show respect for the religion here. And always wear long armed shirts and long pants in temples. Do not wear caps and shoes in temples!

And if you entry a private house take off your shoes.   

Do not touch thais on their head. Do not show with your foot to them or something else. Do not step over anyone. Go with respect around him.

We will show and tell you about all so much as possible the time you stay with us.


Medical preparation  You do not need anything. Malaria and other bad sicknesses are very rare. And for every accident or sickness we have every medicine, a lot of doctors and hospitals for help. You only should have the same preparation like in your country. A tetanus booster for example. If your last tetanus shot has been several years ago. 

And you can drink and eat everything here. But only drink the drinking water from the bottles you can buy here everywhere. Wash fruits before you eat them. The water with ice, which is served you free in every restaurant and some shops, you can drink without risk ! Be only a little careful like you do it in your country or anywhere you was.

For rainy-season you can bring a mosquito repellent. But we never used it. Long cloths for the 1 or 2 hours on evenings are enough.

Insurance  To be 100% safe/sure - you should contact your insuranceagent or any travel-office for the right insurance for your holiday. Additional insurance for rental vehicles are recommended. The basic bikeinsurance of course we have for our bikes. But this insurances does not cover much. An insurance for damage or theft we do not have in Thailand. If the accident is your fault, the insurance do not cover you and your bike. The same like in europe.   

If you drive careful on streets - like we will tell you - and if you drive “like it is your bike” - and if you care the “very special rules” here on the streets - like we will tell you too - never should happen something bad!

On offroad a little scratch always is possible on an endurobike. So we do not ask money from you. But if you damage the bike so strong that it must be repaired or parts changed - we must ask the money from you. Only so we can offer you a good price for rent our bikes. But don’t be worry - because this models of Honda and Kawasaki we use are made in the Honda- and Kawasaki-factories of Thailand (made in Thailand). So the parts of this bikes are much cheaper than in your country.   

Drive careful – and nothing will happen!

Money   Just bring your ATM-card – it will work here on any ATM-machine. And as a security 500 US-Dollars, UK-Pounds or Euros cash. And for to be sure, if you loose or damage your ATM-card, your Credit-card too.

For our german customers we recommend the DKB Visa-and Credit-card. The “Deutsche Kredit Bank” offers great service and zero costs.

Documents   You need your passport of course. It is important that your passport still is valid 6 month from the day you enter Thailand!

Normal you need in Thailand an international driving-license. But in our area never we had a problem about. If you arrive with your normal driving-license from your country normaly it is no problem. And usual we do not have on our area police controls. And if yes - normaly always we can talk with the friendly police. But to be 100% sure - ask for the international license in your home area. In Germany you get the international license for free. It needs only some time to get it!

Handy   Take your handy with you! And buy at the International-Airport in Bangkok a thai-sim-card for your handy. There are a lot of handy-shops.  Buy “Dtac” or “AIS”-simcard. Your handy work with thai-sim-cardswork in nearly all parts of our area. To phone in thailand is very cheap.

In every handy-shop, every “7/11 shop” (spoken: seven-eleven), and every "Tesco Lotus"-shop you can buy the telephone-cards to refill your handy. All this shops we have everywhere, and the 7/11 shops are open 24 hours the day. When you buy the refill-telephone-card,  you must talk to the people which sim-card you have. “Dtac” or “AIS” for example. The people in the shop will help you how is the procedure for refill.

After you bought the sim-card, you only have a little money/credit on your handy ! So refill early as possible!   

You carry your passport, handy and money on our biketrip the best in a plastic-bag and in a good hip-pocket. Such hip-pockets you can buy everywhere in Thailand.