Booking - instalment - restitution of instalment.

It is very easy to book with us.

We will reserve your bike and your accommodation at our resort. And book your accommodations on your tour.

Instalments for high season (october till april): 

7- and 10-days tours:

Singleroom-booking - 500 Euros.

If you like to share the room with an other tourguest - 300 Euros/per person.

12- and 14-days tours:

Singleroom-booking - 600 Euros.

If you like to share the room with an other tourguests - 300 Euros/per person.

During high season it is important to book your accommodations for your tour early as possible! And so it should be 30 days before


Contact us if you have any problem to book 30 days before tourstart. We will try to organize your favourite tourstart-date.

Instalments for low season (may till september):

during low season it is is enough to book the accommodations about 20 days before tourstart.

7- and 10-days tours:

Singleroom booking - 350 Euros.

If you like to share the room with an other tourguests - 200 Euros.    

12- and 14-days tours:

Singleroom booking - 400 Euros.

If you like to share the room with an other tourguests - 250 Euros.      


Low season is a very beautiful time too. It only can be we have a rain from time to time.....or maybe not...and if we have rain it will be a very

warm and mostly very short rain. And after the sun will shine again from the blue sky. 

See our description about the climate in "FAQ".

If you have any problems to trust a new website, what we can understand of course, we accept your booking without instalment.

But in this case we can book your hotels only after your arrival here. And this can be very difficult during highseason from october till april.


We have in germany a bankaccount too. If you like to transfer the money on this bank-account.


If you do not like to pay the instalment, you should arrive early as possible! Accomodations at our resort we have enough. And we will try to

organize your favourite tour.   

If you have any questions - please e-mail us:     We will answer you soon as possible! 

Payment, cancellation & refund policies

We requires the reservation deposit per person for booking your accommondations on tour. And hold your reservation.

In the event of a cancellation during high season (october till april), you must notify we in writing no less than 30 days prior to your

declared arriving date. In this event the entire reservation-deposit is fully refundable. During low season this date is 20 days before tourstart.

Cancelations during high season made less than 30 days (low season made less than 20 days) prior your declared arriving date will

result in forfeiture of the full reservation deposit. Because we will loose the whole money when we must cancel your accommondations for your


We can offer no refunds once your holidays on our resort has commenced.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All quoted prices and payments are in Euros when you transfer money too our bank account. If you like to pay the rest of the tourprice after

your arrival - please pay in thai bath.

Motorcycle damage deposit

Please note that all normal wear and tear of the bike is included in the price for rent. However to deal with potential significant damages to the

bike, we require that every rider lodges a refundable motorcycle-damage-deposit prior to the start of his tour. 

Any damages will be deducted from this deposit. And the balance returned to you on the final day of your tour.

But if you care our tips for riding here - and if you care the bike like it is yours - sure nothing will happen and you will get the whole deposit



We recommend you purchase travel insurance covering loss, damage or theft of luggage and personal belongings, personal injury, accidents   

and illness.

We are not liable for any delay, loss, damage or injury to any person or property while a that person is passenger on any airline, bus, vehicle

or other transportation line.

We reserves the right to alter the itinerary at any time for the convenient operation of our trips, also to substitute hotels and resorts, date of

departure or return, or withdraw the trip if deemed necessary at any time, and for any reason.