About us

About us:

Our thai-nicknames are "Toi" and "Aloi". We are thai- and german citizen.

I am the owner of the resort with bikes-for-rent. "Aloi", my husband, is a member of our endurobiketeams "Loei Enduroteam" and "Dan Sai Enduroteam". We have a lot of streetbiketeams too.

Our beautiful natureresort is located in best position in a very beautiful mountainarea of northern Thailand. We are direct at the entrance to “Phu Luang Wildlifepreserve area” with 850 squarekilometers of jungles and wildlife. And between the little mountaintouristcity “Phu Rua” and our large city “Loei” down in the valley.

We both speak english and german. I of course thai and "Aloi" speak some thai too.

Endurobiker, streetbiker and people they like nature, wander and sightseeing  –  all are right here and welcome!

We offers for our guests:

- the best and most pleasing climate of Thailand. A very warm climate with almost sunny days during the whole year.   


- our beautiful resort with a delicious thai- and europe -kitchen.

- Endurobikes and little streetbikes.

- amazing offroadbike- and streetbiketours. Sightseeing- and adventuretours.

  Alone - or with our enduro- and streetbikerteams. This tours are on private base.

  The members of our teams are european-, thai-, australian- and other nationalitys.....

- a lot of very large wildlifeperserve- and nationalpark-areas. With a lot of wildlife. We are surrounded of them.

- a lot of beautiful places and areas of interest.


- a lot of other activities in our very large and beautiful mountainarea.

- car service....and much more.....

- free Yogateaching.

- and "the feeling to be with friends”.


During the time you stay with us – sure you will forget "the rush-hour of the life”!


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