Sukhotai historical ruins

“Sukhotai”-historical ruins


To the big city “Sukhothai” and his beautiful historical ruins we have a 250km-drive to do. Mostly on big highways. So we are very fast.

The old historical “Sukhothai” was the capitol-city of an important kingdom of Thailand. This was between the 13. till 15. century.


“Sukhotai” is wellknow like “Ayutthaya” and “Si Satchanalai”. Maybe you already heard about. If not - we will tell you more about during the time you stay with us.


Very near of the “Sukhotai”-ruins are the historical ruins of “Si Satchanalai” and his waterfall-nationalpark.


All this places and areas are very recommended to visit ! So you should have enough time.



If you like to see more pictures about all this places and areas please click on “Gallery” !



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