Sirikit Lake and Lum Num Man nationalpark

“Sirikit”- lake and “Lum Num Nan”- nationalpark


“Sirikit” is the name of the Queen of Thailand.


This very large lake is located in a very beautiful area. Surrounded from high mountain-ranges.


We have a 3 till 4 hour-drive to the lake from our resort. Always on very little mountain-streets trough a fantastic mountain-jungle-area. The way is only about 200 till 250km. We pass on this way the “Phu Suan Sai”-, “Klong Tron”- and “Phu Soi Dao”-nationalparks.


It is possible to reach on big highways this area and so much more fast. But sure not so nice!

The large lakes of Thailand, and so the “Sirikit”-lake too, are the home of very big “sweetwater-fishes”. They measures 3 m and more of length !! See our pictures !


At the “Sirikit”-dam-area campgrounds and bungalows are available for visitors. And a nice camp-ground too for the camping-lovers. Two restaurants serve delicious thai-food and of course fresh fish. If we have our lunch on the terrace of the restaurant on the dam, we have a very beautiful view to the lake and the surrounded mountain-ranges.


“Lum Num Nan”-nationalpark is the surrounded mountain-area of “Sirikit”-lake.


This area offers deep jungles, very high mountain-ranges and some very beautiful waterfalls. And a lot of wildlife.


An amazing little offroad-track through the jungles and high over the mountains leads us to the bigger city “Phrae”. The views to the “Sirikit”-lake and his surrounded mountain-areas from the peaks of this mountains are fantastic !


Please see our description about this great mountain-jungle-track in our ” 12-days-trip to “Nan”-area and back” ! During this trip we pass this mountain-track and all this areas!


If you like to see more pictures about “Sirikit”-lake and “Lum Num Nan”-nationalpark please click on “Gallery” !



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