Phu Rua nationalpark

“Phu Rua” nationalpark


“Phu Rua” means “a mountain formed like a ship”.


“Phu Rua”-mountain and nationalpark is located direct beside “Phu Rua”-city.


During high-season (wintertime) thousands of tourists visit the little mountain-city “Phu Rua” and his beautiful nationalpark. They like too to enjoy the best and most pleasant climate of Thailand.


During Dezember and January the night-temperatures can reach 0 degree on the nationalpark-peak.


The days even in wintertime always are warm till very warm. And so very pleasant. Every day with sunshine and a deep-blue sky !


You can use a “nationalpark-taxi” or walk high till the peak of “Phu Rua”-nationalpark. The peak has a height of 1.365m (over sealevel).

From the peak and from o lot of cliffs you have a fantastic view over all surrounded mountain-areas. And even till Laos! To our “Ban Aloi”-valley too.

On the half way up and on the peak are some beautiful located campgrounds and restaurants. Bungalows are offered too.


“Phu Rua” nationalpark offers a beautiful jungle-area, a nice waterfall and a lot of jungleways for an amazing nature-trip. Only little animals and birds live there.


The waterfall you reach with a trip through a bamboo-jungle.



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