Phu Kud wildlife-preserve-area

“Phu Kud” wildlife-preserve-area


“Phu” means “mountain”.


This jungle-area with very high mountains is located about a 2-hour-drive from our resort. We will drive first very nice mountainstreets and pass “Dan Sai”-city.


We will ride up this mountain with our endurobikes or go with our car. High up on a wide offroad-way. We must go over some steep parts, till we reach the top of this very high jungle-mountain. All of the mountains in this area are surrounded from original large jungles. We will have amazing views from the peak.


And sure you will have a lot of fun on your endurobike, to ride up this beautiful mountain !

On one peak we will visit a hilltribe-village and have a rest. After we go some nice enduro-tracks. Again with beautiful views.


After we ride the same way down we came before.



After we reach the valley we have the choice:

- we ride back to our resort on little streets.


- or we ride in this area some very nice mountain-streets to another village in a valley with beautiful

landscape before we ride back to our resort.


- or we visit very near located places of interest. There are a lot of them !


- or we ride on really good offroad-tracks through a beautiful mountain-area back to our resort.


- or – if you like a little adventure - we ride offroad through the jungles of the Phu Kud wildlife preserve (possible only with endurobikes) till the

“Phu Suan Sai”-nationalpark-area. Located direct on the jungle-river-border to Laos. And after back to “Phu Rua” and our resort.


If you like to see more pictures about “Phu Kud” wildlife preserve-area and “Phu Suan Sai”-nationalpark please click on “Gallery” !



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