Mekong river and Chiang Khan-city

"Mekong"-river and "Chiang Khan"-city


The very wide “Mekong”-river is the border in north and east of Thailand to Laos and Myanmar. In our area the Mekong is the border to Laos.


The Mekong is one of the longest rivers of this world.


We have a 80km-drive from our resort to the Mekong. To direction north.

This trip is possible with endurobikes or with car. Always on very silent and little mountainstreets through a beautiful nature till the Mekong. And to Chiang Khan-city.

On the way to the Mekong it is possible of course, like everywhere here, to go some nice offroadways too. On the way we will pass many little thaivillages.

Chiang Khan is a nice little city direct on the Mekong river. You will see there many tourists. Because Chiang Khan is wellknown as a nice touristplace with small nice shoppingstreets near the river. You will see here very old and original thaihouses. A lot of nice restaurants with nice terraces are direct at the river. You can enjoy your lunch with Mekong- and Laos-view.

From Chiang Khan we can do a boattrip to “Kaeng Khut Khu”. When we reach Kaeng Khut Khu you will see a lot of “kaeng” ( means “rocks”) in the Mekongriver. There our boat will stop. You can go shopping on Kaeng Khut Khu on a lot of touristshops. Or drink a coffee - or have a snack or lunch in one of the"open-air-restaurants" at the river. And again you will have a nice view over the Mekong to Laos.

In the nice area of Chiang Khan are a lot of beautiful temples. And some beautiful located mountaintemples too.


After we leave Chiang Khan area we will drive some kilometers beside the Mekong to direction west. We reach the place where our second borderriver with name “Huang” streams into the Mekong. You will enjoy this nice scenery from a mountainpeak with a high golden Buddha-statue direct at this place.

After we have a lot of possibilitys to go back to our resort.


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