How you get to us

How you get to us.

Our resort is near the bigger city “LOEI” and very near the little mountaincity “Phu Rua”. To the Laosborder we have about 30km. In a map you find Loei and us between the big citys Udonthani and Uttaradit.


It is very easy to reach us! You fly to Bangkok and then –

take a bus to us: this is the most simple and the cheapest way for you to come to us.

After you arrived on the International Airport Bangkok, take a taxi (take only the taxis with TAXIMETER-sign !) to the “North-Eastern- Busterminal” called “Moh Chid” (spoken “Moschit”) in Bangkok. Buy your ticket to Phu Rua (spoken "Phu Ruea"). in “Moh Chid”-station on the second floor at counter No. 42. And ask on which “parking-place number” your bus is waiting outside the building.


You can take at the International Airport too the Airport Rail Link (hightrain) to the city. It is only about 44 Bath (1,50 Euro). Go out at "Phaya Thai"-station and take a taxi from there to "Moh Chid"-station. So the way with the taxi is very short. About 100 Bath (2,50 Euros).

4 times every day very comfortable big aircondition-busses take you direct to “Phu Rua”.

“Phu Rua” is the end-destination of this bus. And only 12 km from our resort. There we pick you up any time you arrive.


The busses start to “Phu Rua”: 07.30 o’clock - 12.00 o’clock - 20.00 o’clock - and 21.30 o’clock

The drive is 450km to “Phu Rua” - and will take about 6 till 7 hours. You get free drink and a snack on the bus. And you can see on the way a part of Thailand if you go on day. Maybe you visit this amazing country the first time. The bus will stop after some hours at a highway-restaurant. If you come first time to thailand be careful. Because a lot of thaifood is very spicy! So better you talk to the food-ladys “mai pet”. This means "not spicy".

The ticket for the bus is about 400 Bath (10 Euros).


If your bus to “Phu Rua” is booked out (what is very rare), and you do not like to wait the next bus, you can take in “Moh Chid” station a bus to “Loei”-city too ! We pick you up there too.

From “Moh Chid” goes a lot of busses every day and night to Loei. But they need about one hour more because of a longer way. You will not have problems at "Moh Chid"-station. A lot of people in Bangkok speak english!


The second possibility for you to come to us: take a flight from Bangkok to Loei.

So you take a taxi at the International Airport to the National Airport “Don Muang” (spoken Don Mueng”) in Bangkok.

Or you take the (free) shuttlebus at the International Airport to "Don Muang". Go to the Exit No. 3. There you can see the sign "shuttlebus". He start every 30 minutes.

We have daily flights from “Don Muang” Bangkok to Loei-airport with “Nokair”. And back. The best you book the flights early in internet.

The flight will be about 2000 till 2500 Bath (50 till 60 Euros). At the airport Loei we will pick you up !

Following airlines are possible too: and



But think about - to get a bus to “Phu Rua” or “Loei” is very easy and cheaper.

You should buy a "thai-simcard" for your handy at the International Airport in Bangkok. A lot of handyshops are there. It is cheap and work with your handy! And so you can call us everytime for help and information. And you will need to call us – to inform us which bus or flight you take to us. We must know for pick you up ! But everywhere you can use a telephone-box too. In this case you need little thaimoney.

And a working handy is very good when we go together the biketour. So we can call you – if we loose each other.

Our handy-number: from Thailand - 0831499925

And from outside of Thailand - 0066831499925


After you got the simcard, you will have only a little credit (money) on your handy. You can refill your handy with telephonecards. You can buy them at every handyshop and every 7/11 (spoken: "seven/eleven") shop. 7/11 shops sells food, drinks and much more….and are nearly at every corner. Buy the Sim-card of “Dtac” or “one to call” or “AIS” ...and so on…….

On all our areas here around Phu Rua and in Bangkok too “Dtac” and “AIS” works on nearly all areas.

7/11 shops are open 24 hours the day ! This shops have green/red colours and the sign "7/11".


Buy/change only very little Thai-Bath in your country !! Or better nothing. Take the Thai-Bath with your ATM-card here in Thailand. ATM we have at every corner. And so you will get more Bath for your money!

Bangkok has a lot of traffic – so care about !! It can take 1 or 2 hours to reach from the International Airport the National Airport “Don Muang” or the “Moh Chid” bus-terminal ! And if the taxidriver ask you to use the tollway – say yes ! You pay only a little money more, but so it is much more fast! And take only a taxi with “Taximeter-sign”! And be sure the driver switch on his taximeter-watch when he start. If not - maybe you will pay too much !! Taxi is very cheap here !! But you are a foreigner and so you don’t know the real costs. And so maybe some of the drivers try to take to much money from you !! With “Taximeter” not possible ! You can see the sign “Taximeter” on the top of the taxis. But do not be afraid! Even in the very big city Bangkok the thai-people are mostly nice and very friendly.



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