The northern parts of Thailand and so too our “Phu Rua” mountain-area is characterized by the Monsoon. Which creates 3 distict seasons of the year.


Rainy-season: - very warm- and (sometimes) wet. Day and night.


Winter-season: - cooler and dry. Always warm and very pleasing on day. Cooler at night.

Summer-season: - very warm till hot. And dry. Day and night. On our mountains not to hot and the nights are very pleasing.


The southern parts of Thailand have only 2 seasons. Rainy-season and Dry-season.


The low located areas of the northern parts of Thailand are nearly 9 month the year (Rainy-season and Summer-season) very warm till hot.

On all high located areas, like our “Phu Rua” mountain-area with 750m till over 2000m (over sealevel), the temperatures all around the year are pleasing. Only in march and april (summertime ) it can be a little hot in the mountains too. But nearly always we have refreshing wind and so no problem! The nights always are very pleasing.

Nearly every day of the year shorts and t-shirt are enough. Over wintertime (december till february) the nights get cooler in the mountains. This is our time for campfires ! During this time you can see so much stars you maybe never saw before! And you will sleep very well.

On the deep located valleys the nights are mostly very warm. Only during december and january the nights get a little cooler too. But never cold !


The temperatures at our resort (750m over sealevel) for example:

we have all around the year mostly +25 degree till +28 degree on the days. Till +30 degree or a little more on the days during march and april. Only on some days during wintertime the temperatures can go down till +22 degree on day. And only on some days during summertime the temperatures can reach +34 degree on day. But if we get more hot - more refreshing wind we get. So no problem.

We have a very good and never high-humity mountain-air. Mostly between 40% and 60% air-humity. Like parts of Europe.

“Phu Rua” is wellknown - for the best and most pleasing climate of Thailand !


If you visit us during wintertime, take for the nights a warm jacket with you. Jeans are enough! For the breakfast in our sunny garden again a t-shirt is enough!

In low located areas also during wintertime swimming is possible. And sometimes in the mountains too. During the other time of the year - of course ”always and everywhere”!

Rainy Season

Rainy season is from end of April till end of October. But we do not have here so much rain like the upper north of Thailand. And in this time the visibility and the mountain-views are the best of the year ! The nature “explode”. Everywhere it is very green and very beautiful!

On day it is always very warm but never to hot in our mountain-areas. And nearly every day offer a lot of sun ! Our rainy-season is much better than a summer in Germany.

The high air-humity in rainy-season of the low located areas of Thailand we do not have on our mountain-areas. And it is not usual that the rain lasts longer time or over more days. The rain usual comes short and very strong only for some minutes. And always like a nice warm shower. In this time we have mostly +25 till +27 degree on the days. After the mostly short an strong rain, usual it will be fast sunny again! And not everyday we have rain. Often the rain comes in the night, and on the day it is very sunny.

During this time you can see so beautiful sunsets you maybe never saw before. See our pictures in “Gallery


The nights of the rainy-season are mostly about +22 degree on our mountains. Shorts and t-shirts always are possible on day!

The rainy-season is the best time for people, they do not like ride offroad with many dust. And they like a very green and most beautiful nature. Swimming in mountain-lakes of course always is possible! But offroad often is more difficult because of slidy. All guests have a lot of fun on offroadtrips.

During rainy-season you will see a very beautiful nature. With deep blue sky and very big white clouds every day. Often this clouds are more kilometers high! Like big white towers. And you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets!

From end of April till end of July usual we do not have much rain. During August and specially during in September and the half of October it can be possible we get more rain. But still in this time we have a lot of sun. And in this time too we have a lot of fun with streetbiking and offroad. Take more time when you come during this time. We can go with car if we have rain and with the bikes when it is sunny.

From middle of october the rain get more and more lttle - till he stop latest time end of the month. The following 6 month are dry!


end of october till end of february. Dry and always sunny. It is very rare in this time to get only a little rain. The November still is very green and the nature very beautiful ! And still very warm till hot on lower located areas. On our resort and on higher areas the temperatures always are very pleasing.

From beginning of december it gets cooler on the days everywhere. On our resort we have mostly about +25 till +26 degree on the days. And cooler till cool in the nights. About +15 degree or down till + 10 degree in the nights are possible at our resort. In this time we have our campfires. And a very beautiful sky with millions of stars.

On the low located areas (about 300m over sealevel like Loei), the day-temperatures are now pleasing too and the nights get a little fresh.

With beginning of december the high-season for many “mountaintourists” starts everywhere in Thailand. And so on our Phu Rua”-mountainarea too. This is the best time for traveling. With the most pleasing climate everywhere in Thailand. In our area 99% of the tourists are thai- and other asien-people. But more and more european-tourists come to Phurua and other places of our mountainarea. But we hope never the big foreigner-tourism will find our paradise here!

The cooler and so very pleasing wintertime lasts till end of february. Swimming is still possible on the low located areas. Sometimes in the mountains too.

From middle of february it starts to get more and more warm on the days and the nights.


with the beginning of march the very hot summertime start. In the low located areas it gets often very hot. Till over + 40 degree is possible. In the mountains, and so on our resort, it is still o.k. and still pleasing ! And we have a lot of refreshing wind this time. Only on some days the temperatures can reach + 34 degree.

On very-high-level areas (till or over 1.500m) all over the year never the temperatures reach +30 degree. Like “Phu Rua Nationalpark", “Phu Hin Ronkla Nationalpark", “Phu Tab Boek mountain"….and so on….

The hot summertime last till middle or end of April.

The trees, the flowers and the plants starts their very beautiful blooming during summertime.

Because of the high temperatures it is a good idea to go on higher mountain-areas for the cooler weather. Watch the beautiful blooming, visit the sightseeing-areas, watch the wildlife and enjoy fantastic views from the cliffs. The jungles, the nationalparks and the wildlife-preserve-aeas are very beautiful all around the year !

In this time we ride our biketours only on high located areas. So amazing street-, offroad- and sightseeing-trips are still possible! And this time of course is the time for swimming in our beautiful mountainlakes.

For example:

we drive you up with our pick-up-car through a beautiful jungle to the top of “Phu Luang” mountain and wildlife-preserve. To enjoy there on a height of 1.500m the cooler air and do a trip to the viewpoint-cliffs. And to the Dinosaurus-foodprint-area. And with a little luck we can see a wild elephant below our cliff in the deep jungle. And enjoy the very beautiful blooming there!

Only during the Dry-season the wildlife-preserve-areas are open for visitors. They have restaurants and coffee-shops. And the nature in this time is blooming so beautiful ! You can see a lot of wild orchids!

All Nationalparks are open for visitors all around the year.

For example: please see our description about “Phu Luang” in “Tours, trips and more” and in “Areas and places of interest

The pictures you find in “Gallery


From end of april the nature is very green, very beautiful and mostly sunny. Rainy-season start again…...




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